Track Premiere: Nathaniel Bellows – “How High”

For the past six years, published poet, novelist, visual artist, and musician, Nathaniel Bellows has been writing libretti for the composer Sarah Kirkland Snider. In fact, their last release, Unremembered (2015), was inspired by 13 of Bellows’ poems and illustrations.

Now back out front for his sophomore album, Swan and Wolf, Nathaniel Bellows offers a collection of ten new original songs. Today’s premiere track, “How High,” is from the new record and showcases the intricate complexity of Bellows art. One listen to Bellows deep sweeping voice and carefully thought out instrumentation, which features Timo Andres on piano, will keep your attention extremely focused. The song has a slow building catchy conclusion that ends with layered vocals of Bellows pleading “say how high.”

Bellows music moves beyond the ear as each track from Swan and Wolf is paired with one of his illustrations that integrates the song lyrics. This gives the project a depth you won’t find with many releases. Swan and Wolf will be released on March 30th and can be pre-ordered now on Bellows Bandcamp page HERE.

Nathaniel Bellows Website
Nathaniel Bellows Facebook

Track Premiere: The Captain Of Sorrow – “Siamese Scars”

Quiet can always be loud – it just matters how you tune in! That is the feeling that overtakes you in today’s premiere track from the Danish band The Captain Of Sorrow. “Siamese Scars” has an intense rhythm that is driven from the singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer of this record, Hans-Christian.

His calm demeanor rushes over you while he quietly tells the story of the issues an adult with alcoholic parents faces when meeting similar people at a rehab center. The song surges until a swirling chorus takes over and ends the track. Not the most uplifting material but the buildup in the song will keep your ear in place.

The smoldering strength found on “Siamese Scars” is the hook that pulls you into The Captain Of Sorrow. The track is instantly memorable as Hans-Christian’s sound could be compared to the hush vocals of a Dave Bazan fronting the slowcore stylings of the group Spain.

“Siamese Scars” can be found on The Captain Of Sorrow’s first international release, Racetrack Babies, which will be available this Friday, January 26th on Musikministeriet Records. If you like this song, we recommend seeking out the full release.

The Captain Of Sorrow Website
The Captain Of Sorrow Facebook

Track Premiere: Lung – “Hypochondriac”

We are super excited to premiere the new track, “Hypochondriac,” from the Cincinnati band Lung. Comprised of Kate Wakefield (vocals, electric cello) and Daisy Caplan (drums), this duo will take you by surprise with their fierceness, addictive pulsing undertones and honest indie rock n roll.

The band formed in early 2016 but neither Kate or Daisy should be called rookies. Kate has been writing and performing her music for several years while Daisy was a member of Foxy Shazam. As Lung, they released an EP last summer but now are ready to take the indie world by storm with their debut full length – Bottom Of The Barrel. The record is self-released and officially will be out this Saturday March 18th.

“Hypochondriac” is a great first taste from Lung as it captures their powerful energy and intensity while showcasing both member’s talents. The driving rhythm will have your foot tapping while Wakefield’s commanding vocals will not let you turn the volume dial down. Her voice definitely pushes the track and has similarities to a Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses) or PJ Harvey.

Lung will be celebrating the release of Bottom Of The Barrel with a full tour (dates below) and a local album release party this Saturday, March 18th (Details HERE). Also, make sure to play “Hypochondriac” loud, seek the full length out from the band, go see them live if they tour your town and then be sure to share Lung with your friends – you won’t be sorry!

Lung Website
Lung Facebook

3/17 Louisville, KY Eiderdown
3/18 Cincinnati, OH Northside Tavern, Album Release Party
3/19 Knoxville, TN Pilot Light
3/20 Chattanooga, TN JJ’s Bohemia
3/21 Marietta, GA Swayze’s
3/22 Dothan, AL The Plughouse
3/23 Tallahassee, FL Rotton Collective
3/24 St. Petersburg, FL The Bends
3/25 Cape Coral, FL Nice Guys Pizza
3/28 Margate, FL O’Malley’s
3/29 Stuart, FL Brewetarian
4/1 Gainesville, FL Civic Media Center
4/2 Jacksonville, FL Shantytown Pub
4/3 Savannah, GA Space Station
4/4 Charleston, SC The Tattoed Moose
4/5 Charlotte, NC The Station
4/6 Greensboro, NC Hellraiser Haus
4/7 Roanoke, VA Leftovers
4/8 Harrisonburg, VA Macrock
4/10 Baltimore, MD Skramden Yards
4/12 Philadelphia, PA LAVA Space
4/13 New York, NY The Footlight
4/14 Springfield, MA Western Mass Recovery Learning Communities Center
4/14 Easthamptom, MA Flywheel
4/15 Holyoke, MA Mount Holyoke College
4/17 Boston, MA O’Briens
4/18 Portland, ME Poland Street
4/19 Salem, MA Koto
4/20 Bangor, ME Central Gallery
4/21 Manchester, NH Shaskeen
4/22 Marlboro, VT Marlboro College
4/23 Albany, NY Pauly’s
4/25 Buffalo, NY Dreamland
4/26 Pittsburg, PA Spirit
4/17 Athens, OH The Union
4/28 Columbus, OH The House With No Name
4/29 Dayton, OH Blind Bob’s
5/17 Yellow Springs, OH Kaleidoscope (on air)
5/18 Louisville, KY The Green Room
5/19 Evansville, IN PG
5/20 Paducah, KY Festival d’Paducah
5/21 St. Louis, MO TBD
5/22 Columbia, MO Cafe Berlin
5/23 Omaha, NE O’Leavers
5/24 Sioux Falls, SD Total Drag Records
5/25 Fargo, ND The Aquarium
5/26 Grand Forks, ND Ojata Records
5/27 Duluth, MN Blush
5/31 Dubuque, IA The Lift
6/2 DeKalb, IL 7th Street Space
6/3 Chicago, IL Subterranean
6/4 Grand Rapids, MI Mulligan’s Pub
6/5 Kalamazoo, MI Shakespeare’s Lower Level
6/7 Ann Arbor, MI Far House
6/8 Detroit, MI The Sanctuary
6/9 Toledo, OH Ottawa Tavern
6/10 Morristown, IN MSMFest

Track Premiere: Smug Brothers – “Hang Up”

Today we have a special track premiere from Dayton, Ohio veteran band Smug Brothers. The group is coming back at the world on March 31st with their 10th release, Disco Maroon! The 15-track full length once again features their lo-fi roots but definitely branches out from there with plenty of power pop and indie rock nuggets.

“Hang Up” is one of those 2-minute numbers from the new album that captures the essence of Disco Maroon with its memorable guitar riff and corresponding drum beat. Singer Kyle Melton has never sounded more desperate and sincere in the same breath, as when he questions the reality of his situation and sings “how did I ask you to just hang up?” That plead will bring you back to every time you replay events in your head and contemplate – did I make the right decision?

With a bursting 90’s era pop of Superchunk and present day off kilter lo-fi modern groove like Connections and Lost Boy?, “Hang Up” offers the right mix to rock all of your indie woes away! Check the track out today and be sure to support Smug Brothers when Disco Maroon is released on March 31st.

Smug Brothers Facebook
Gas Daddy Go! Records

Premiere Friday Fire Track: Special Teams – “SunFire”

This weeks Fire track is feeling a bit exploratory. A collection and collaboration of musicians, Special Teams is self described as a rock hip hop trance experiment. Special Teams was born from The Long Count, a song cycle/visual project assembled by artist Matthew Ritchie and music by Aaron & Bryce Dessner of The National. The Long Count featured a particular piece entitled “Bull Run” that featured vocals from one Kelley Deal (R. Ring, The Breeders).

Special Teams’ Bandcamp page gets a little more in depth on the origin and creation-with the descriptions written by Kelley herself-of “SunFire” but the track is quite interesting. While it’s not something you would traditionally find on The Fire Note we think it will work for your Friday.

“SunFire” has a long stream of consciousness feel with Kelley Deal’s wispy and lowered vocals. The looping samples equate the song to an idea from The Avalanches, an odd How To Destroy Angels track, an interlude for an indie art-punk album, or a piece for meditation.

King Baby Nuxhall has seemed to elude that we will hear more out of Special Teams. While not many details have be given, more tracks with different artists will be on the way along with a possible physical release. Enjoy the track below!

Special Teams Bandcamp
Special Teams Facebook

Track Premiere: VoirVoir – “Stupid For Now”

Today’s track premiere spotlights the second single from Bethlehem, PA band VoirVoir (pronounced v-wah v-wah). The quintet is set to release their debut, There Are No Good Goodbyes, on July 15th from our good friends Fleeting Youth Records. VoirVoir is all about delivering intense vocals, providing rock out guitar at the right moment and lyrically challenges us to all do better.

“Stupid For Now” follows this theme as lead singer/guitarist Matt Molchany reflects on the track’s history: “Stupid For Now” is actually the very first song April and I wrote and played together. This first song of ours was about feeling doomed to repeat mistakes and trying to become self-aware enough to stop yourself, or at least laugh at how imperfect you are. The whole process felt like a vacation– we discovered how much we loved writing together, even if the subject matter was self-critical and cautionary.”

This track definitely succeeds because of their connection, as you can feel the emotion pour out of the song with its very Built To Spill type structure and sweeping sound. Make sure you listen right up to the end as the track intricately winds down in style and will have you quickly hitting replay. You can pre-order There Are No Good Goodbyes right now at Fleeting Youth HERE where you can grab the album digitally or on a limited Pro-dubbed white ink on purple-tint cassette tape with full-color 3-panel j-card.

VoirVoir Facebook
VoirVoir Twitter
Fleeting Youth Records

Premiere Friday Fire Track: Frail – “Waiting”

We like nothing more around here than some quality 90’s inspired alt rock and New Orleans-based Frail totally nail it on TFN premiere of “Waiting.” For most, Frail will be your official introduction to their sound but if you are from the Big Easy, you may already be familiar with the trio of Ben Polito (vocals/guitar), Hunter Keene (drums), and Nick Corson (bass), as they have been active members of the New Orleans scene for awhile playing in Grotto Girl, Pudge, The Roses, and Squirrel Queen.

With the opening restart, ear catching layered vocals and the big Dinosaur Jr. like guitar solo midway through “Waiting,” Frail instantly capture your nostalgic taste for the past while rocketing forward with no issue in 2016. Frail’s debut EP, Bones, is out May 13th via Fleeting Youth Records and based on “Waiting,” the six song outing should be worth picking up. In fact, why wait – you can pre-order HERE.

Frail Facebook
Fleeting Youth Records

Premiere Friday Fire Track: Joseph Airport – “When It Left His Hand”

TFN receives messages all the time asking what is going on with the Dayton, Ohio music scene because they love it. I know we are biased, but I think our monthly Bandcamp feature has backed up the Gem city talent.

Well, today’s premiere Friday Fire Track is further evidence, as the Dayton-Detroit based band Joseph Airport has a catchy new song in “When It Left His Hand” from their recently released EP, 8-Mile Blowout At Hot Wheel City. This EP represents their fourth release since September 2014, which should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with the band, as all their material was sequenced by quick turnaround master Robert Pollard.

Releasing a Boeing 747 size of material doesn’t do much good if it has no substance but that is where Joseph Airport shine. The band has grown with every release and “When It Left His Hand” raises their altitude once again. With its concise 1:29 running time, laid back swagger lead vocals and best of all – layered harmonies, “When It Left His Hand” is already one of my favorites from their increasing catalog.

The song reminds me of another Dayton favorite, Swearing at Motorists which is easily a positive. The track’s simplicity is where it wins because it becomes more catchy with every quick spin. You can order a physical CD of 8-Mile Blowout at Hot Wheel City now and digitally in a few weeks. Enough with TFN endorsement – check out the new track from Joseph Airport below!

Joseph Airport Website
Joseph Airport Facebook

Track Premiere: Gladiola – “Greatest Hits”

in concert
Boston band Gladiola is an easy like. The group has a classic indie college vibe that possesses the blended sound of Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Walt Mink, and The Waterboys. It is the type of jangle that is fun to root for and our premiere track today, “Greatest Hits,” should get you onboard.
The laid back approach of Gladiola is a plus and if you have been around the music scene for any period of time you will appreciate many of their lyrics. “Greatest Hits” features one of the best lines when Bill Madden-Fuoco sings: “I’m blasting through my greatest hits; It’s a list of things I didn’t do.” The band captures the mentality of how life moves on and it is what you make of it – in just a couple lines. I think we can all agree.

The band is self releasing their new album, This Year’s Storm, on February 12th. If you like what you hear make sure you support Gladiola and pick up a copy next month!

Gladiola Website
Gladiola Facebook

Premiere Friday Fire Track: Wonky Tonk – “Bulleit”

We are going a bit country for a Friday Fire Track premiere today from Wonky Tonk so grab your finest bourbon, a chair and some headphones. Jasmine Lorraine “Wonky Tonk” Poole grew up in Kentucky so her love for folk and bluegrass is completely understood but she mixes roots with her own wave of indie rock on her debut, Stuff We Leave Behind, which is why you will want to pay attention.

Today’s track leaves the modern at the door as “Bulleit” comes at you with the directness of Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson while still being fresh like Nikki Lane. You get the story and the strings as Lorraine sings “and I’ll drink to the morning; and I’ll sing through the night.” This track won’t sell you on her indie spirit but if like one ounce of her swagger here I guarantee that Stuff We Leave Behind will have you wanting more especially if Jenny Lewis or Kelly Hogan is something that is in one of your playlists.

Wonky Tonk Website
Wonky Tonk Bandcamp
Wonky Tonk Facebook

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