Fire Track Premiere: Lily Donat – “Build It”

Lily Donat is a Los Angeles native, long-time songwriter and actress. At age 11, Lily learned to play acoustic guitar and began composing songs instantly. She has always found healing through writing and singing music about her real life.

Today’s Fire Track Premiere from Donat places that “real world experience” on display. “Build It” is a catchy indie pop track that will remind you of several classics from Alanis Morissette or peers Indigo Sparke and Madi Diaz. Lily says it all in the song when she sings, “And he didn’t build it,” which celebrates femininity.

“Build It” was produced by Stefan Mac and follows singles “How It Feels” and “Most Important Man.” All three tracks are a promise of more music to come later this year from Lily Donat!

“This song is a celebration of wildness, adventure, and femininity that is separate from the boyfriend you traipsed through the woods with, or even the patriarchy that is so embedded in our culture and aims to dull the untamed feminine force that blooms with nature.”

— Lily Donat

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