Premiere Fire Track: God Of Love – “Green Eyes Black Night”

Like so many other artists, the COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on James Cole Burnett. He had just recorded his second album under his moniker God Of Love in 2019 when the outbreak harpooned his release intentions. After over a year delay, God Of Love is now ready to release Do Your Worst on December 3rd via Red Zeppelin Records. The album features our premiere Fire Track today “Green Eyes Black Night.”

The song has a brooding dark side to it as God Of Love’s sound here is a mix of Matt Berninger (The National) meets Peter Murphy. The track brilliantly swirls its instrumentation around your ears and feels slightly out of control while Burnett’s vocals keep it on course and have a laser focus when he delivers the lines “I was about to take it all too far; I was about to tear it all apart.”

Make sure you check out the track below and add it to your playlist tomorrow when it is available on all streaming services. You can then pick up the album on November 5th.

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