Fire Track Premiere: Curtail – “Blue Violet”

We are excited today to premiere a new track from Akron, Ohio’s Curtail. “Blue Violet” is from their forthcoming new album, When The Sway Sets, which is set to release May 13th via Friend Club Records.

The band are veterans of the DIY-indie/emo community and feature Jerry Sloan (Cherry Cola Champions), Ben Hendricks (Annabel, Parting), Eric Sandt (The Ground is Lava), and Dan Corby (Bethesda). One listen to this new track and you can hear how Curtail mixes the radio friendly groove of Jimmy Eat World and blends it with the emotion outpouring of a Saves The Day or The Get Up Kids.

“‘Blue Violet’ is about being immersed in moments you spend with someone that you love where it doesn’t matter what else is happening around you. It’s everything. The rush. The highs and lows. You revel in it but sometimes circumstances take you on separate paths. You get to cherish those times well spent while you also have to wallow in the inevitable loss. That’s ‘Blue Violet’.” -Jerry Sloan

TFN could not have said it better! Check out the latest track and pre-order When The Sway Sets on limited vinyl or cassette at the link below.

You can pre-order the new album HERE.

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