Fire Track Premiere: Crash Taylor – “Idlewild”

TFN today brings you the first single from the debut album from Crash Taylor. The song releases tomorrow and his new album, Retired Outlaw, (and book “Pot.Dot.Com”) are both releasing March 25th on Fanatic Records.

“Idlewild” has a nice foot tapping pace to it as Taylor has a very Richard Thompson meets Eric Matthews smoothness to his voice. The song’s first lines feel like the perfect caption for our most recent pandemic lives as Crash sings “Sitting here in Idlewild / gonna settle down and take a while / And find out, what really moves me / I don’t care if I ever come down / My whole road is a cloud.”

Starting on banjo at age 5, with public performance starting at age 8 with his family band, Generation Gap, Crash Taylor is no stranger to the entertainment world. Crash began writing poetry and songs before the age of ten and you can hear his seasoned experience in today’s track.

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