Fire Track Premiere: J. Nicolás – “Nothing Must Remain”

Vulnerable. Heartfelt. Sincere. Three words that absolutely describe today’s premiere track from Portland’s J. Nicolás. “Nothing Must Remain” highlights the fragility of life and hints about the importance of soaking up every moment because all paths lead to a similar conclusion. Nicolás’ vocal delivery is comparable to the troubadours of the ’60s folk scene while a more modern comparison would be Iron & Wine, The Tallest Man On Earth, and Phosphorescent.

“Nothing Must Remain” will be included on J. Nicolás’ forthcoming sophomore record, A Rosary Of Bone, that comes out September 2nd. Read what J. had to say about the song below and you can pre-save on the album HERE.

“”Nothing Must Remain” was a late addition to my record and is one of those rare songs that came to me (almost completely finished) in a dream. It’s about the transitions in life: growing up, growing old & dying. I think it’s a bit of me singing to my daughter who was going away to university for the first time & meditating on the fact that I’ve reached an age where I’m looking at half of my life in the rear view mirror.”

— J. Nicolás

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