Fire Track Premiere: The Chives – “Nine Volt Love”

TFN is thrilled today to premiere the newest track from Boston’s beloved musical collective of orphans, The Chives. The ten-piece group, consisting of Messy Nessy, Jackie Scooter, Johnny Staples, Vicky Sticks, EJ Pills, William Pills, Nancy Dew, Aidan Spleen, Young Hot Brad, and Dirty Denz, has returned with their electrifying new indie jangle, “Nine Volt Love,” which is featured on their highly anticipated, self-released sophomore record, Supervision. The album is scheduled for release on July 1, 2023, but you can already pre-order it digitally or on a limited cassette at the link below.

“I was only trying to spice it up – now it’s stuck!” This line perfectly captures the essence of the premiere track from The Chives, showcasing their fearless approach to tackling any subject matter. The band consistently pushes the boundaries of their sound, and “Nine Volt Love” delivers a thrilling and tingling surge of pure indie adrenaline that will undoubtedly leave you craving more from The Chives!

“Nine Volt Love is a song about our fucked up parents, they did this sick thing where they’d stick nine volt batteries up their asses cause they hated each other so much, and thought this could save their awful marriage, I guess it worked cause they ran off somewhere together when I was 12”

Nancy Dew, Lead singer on “Nive Volt Love”

The Chives (2020)

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(Album cover photo taken by Amber Hakim)

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