Fire Track Premiere: Nick Kizirnis – “Every Moment”

Nick Kizirnis is a renowned indie-rock veteran hailing from Dayton, Ohio. Today’s premiere finds him returning to the forefront of the music scene with his latest single, “Every Moment.” Serving as the title track for his forthcoming album set to release on May 3rd via ATOM Records, this track is a testament to Kizirnis’ enduring … Read more

Nick Kizirnis – “Way To Me” [Video]

For almost 20 years, Dayton, Ohio-based guitarist/songwriter Nick Kizirnis has explored songs and styles ranging from Americana to pop, and from rock’n’roll to surf and experimental. He has also worked with Tobin Sprout (Guided by Voices) and The Breeders. Since releasing his 10th album, The Distance, Kizirnis has seen his music shared across U.S. and … Read more

Video Premiere: Nick Kizirnis – “The Distance”

Last time we heard from Nick Kizirnis he had just released a video for his single “Slipping Away” from his new solo album, The Distance, back in January 2020. Then of course the world closed its doors! For a guy that has a musical resume most could only dream about, including recently recording with The … Read more

Nick Kizirnis – “Slipping Away” [Video]

Nick Kizirnis has been a staple on the Dayton, Ohio music scene dating back to the late 80’s. From indie rock to surf to rockabilly and beyond, Nick has covered a multitude of genres and been included in a multitude of projects. That musical road has now arrived at his new solo album The Distance which is out February 1 via Atom Records. “Slipping Away” is the first video from the record which was directed by Sam Manavis.

The Distance features Kate Wakefield (Lung) and Mark Patterson (Son Volt) as well as Tod Weidner (Shrug, Motel Beds), Crazy Joe and Patrick Himes (Bribing Senators). The best description of the album comes straight from Nick in his own words:

“The Distance is a collection of songs about heartbreak and heartache from different points of view. The album began as a personal songwriting challenge, and when I found that I had a large set of songs but was having trouble finishing them, I tried to imagine what they would sound like if I DIDN’T sing them, or even play them. How would they change? It was something I had never done before and it opened up all sorts of possibilities, especially the chance to work with It was a completely new experience and the most rewarding one I’ve had in all these years of making music.”