Crocodiles: Upside Down In Heaven [Album Review]

CrocodilesUpside Down In HeavenLolipop Records [2023] Crocodiles’ Upside Down In Heaven is an album that showcases the band’s signature noise-pop sound, but with a more mature and refined approach. The core duo of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell have covered many genres that include art-punk, psychedelic haze, lush 60s-inspired pop, and trashed-out glam but their … Read more

Video Premiere: Crocodiles – “Upside Down In Heaven”

Today’s premiere video marks the return of San Diego noise pop outfit Crocodiles (Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell). “Upside Down In Heaven” is the title track and third single which corresponds with the release of the new LP today on Lolipop Records. The video is a fantastic satire and snapshot of some old school church … Read more

Video Premiere: Jacklen Ro – “Sunshine I’m Counting On You”

Jacklen Ro is the indie songwriting duo of Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins, which have been on a best friend’s journey from being a bedroom pop duo to now, most recently in 2021, releasing three singles and an EP on Lolipop Records. TFN is happy today to share the announcement of their debut LP, Sunshine … Read more

Fire Track Premiere: Plastic Harpoons – “Modern World”

TFN has a solid indie track for you with this premiere from Santa Barbara band Plastic Harpoons. With influences, including Dr. Dog, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Houndmouth, Plastic Harpoons pull from a more classic structure but as you will hear in “Modern World” fall in line with the likes of Fleet Foxes, The … Read more

Blackfeet Braves: Blackfeet Braves [Album Review]

Blackfeet Braves Blackfeet Braves Lolipop Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Blackfeet Braves take listeners back to the Sunset Strip circa 1968, dragging them through the dusty southwest along the way. Album Review: Most “retro” or “neo-[insert genre here]” acts stay just that: an act, in which the band prefers to mimic the creativity of their … Read more