The Fire Note Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2023

2023 was a great year in music! Solid release after solid release made this year’s list one of the hardest to put together in TFN’s 17-year history. The simple fact is that TFN receives hundreds of albums every year for review so it is never an easy task. In regards to our annual best-of list … Read more

Smug Brothers: In The Book Of Bad Ideas [Album Review]

Smug BrothersIn The Book Of Bad IdeasAnyway Records [2023] Ohio indie band Smug Brothers has released some great under-the-radar records since their formation in 2004. The band boasts a relaxed, stylish blend of power pop and lo-fi rock that captivates listeners right from their opening guitar strums. In The Book Of Bad Ideas continues to … Read more

Video Premiere: Smug Brothers – “Let Me Know When It’s Yes”

TFN is thrilled to premiere the fantastic new video from Smug Brothers today! “Let Me Know When It’s Yes” is a track from the Ohio indie rock band’s latest album, In The Book Of Bad Ideas, set to be released via Anyway Records on Friday, September 8th. Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kyle Melton expressed … Read more

Video Premiere: Smug Brothers – “Seemed Like You To Me”

TFN has always been proud to call Dayton, Ohio its home base. Along the way over the last 15 years we have made tons of friends and one of those for sure is another Dayton (and Columbus) staple in the Smug Brothers. With this newest premiere we also believe that Kyle Melton, Kyle Sowash, Don … Read more

Video Premiere: Smug Brothers – “If You’re Free”

I think everyone can agree that COVID-19 has changed just about every aspect of our life. Countless industries have been impacted and had to adapt while the art of making music has not been immune. That brings us to today’s video premiere from Dayton, Ohio’s Smug Brothers! After a highly productive 2019 that saw the … Read more

Smug Brothers: Serve A Thirsty Moon [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Serve A Thirsty Moon Gas Daddy Go! Records [2019] TFN Album Review: Serve A Thirsty Moon completes a trifecta for Dayton’s Smug Brothers as the LP represents the groups third release this year following February’s Attic Harvest and July’s All Blur And Spark. The bands creative surge is the result of adding members … Read more

Smug Brothers: All Blur And Spark [Album Review]

Smug Brothers All Blur And Spark Gas Daddy Go! Records [2019] Who: Dayton, Ohio-based Smug Brothers release another charming and quite satisfying album. Sound: All Blur and Spark is an impressive kaleidoscope of songs that were born from the GoFundMe endeavor to press their last album, Attic Harvest, to vinyl. TFN Final Take: All Blur … Read more

Smug Brothers: Attic Harvest [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Attic Harvest Gas Daddy Go! Records [2019] Who: Dayton, Ohio-based Smug Brothers make a dream come true and finally release an album on vinyl. Attic Harvest is a dream for us listeners, too. Sound: Attic Harvest features a new lineup for Smug Brothers, but not to worry, Smug Brothers still showcase catchy and … Read more

Smug Brothers: Disco Maroon [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Disco Maroon Gas Daddy Go! Records [2017] Who: Smug Brothers, a Dayton-based quartet, return with their 10th release. Sound: Disco Maroon sees the Smug Brothers carry on their tradition of delivering ultra-catchy rock to their listeners. TFN Final Take: Even though they are 10 releases into their discography, the Smug Brothers continue to … Read more

Track Premiere: Smug Brothers – “Hang Up”

Today we have a special track premiere from Dayton, Ohio veteran band Smug Brothers. The group is coming back at the world on March 31st with their 10th release, Disco Maroon! The 15-track full length once again features their lo-fi roots but definitely branches out from there with plenty of power pop and indie rock … Read more

Smug Brothers: Woodpecker Paradise [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Woodpecker Paradise Gas Daddy Go! Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Smug Brothers newest album is one of their strongest efforts to date. A tight, urgent, and catchy blend of indie rock from rock Mecca Dayton, Ohio. Album Review: Around this time last year, I was reviewing the Smug Brothers’ LP On the Way … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Smug Brothers – “Meet A Changing World”

Dayton, Ohio bands are known for working quickly and the Smug Brothers are no different. After last year’s Headphone Approved On The Way To The Punchline, Smug Brothers are back with a new full length February 24th titled Woodpecker Paradise. Today’s Fire Track, “Meet A Changing World,” is the lead song off the new record … Read more

Smug Brothers: On The Way To The Punchline [Album Review]

Smug Brothers On The Way To The Punchline Gas Daddy Go! Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Smug Brothers offer listeners a mature and hook-laden album packed with incredibly catchy and unpredictable Dayton rock. Album Review: I was a bit surprised when I had read that On the Way to the Punchline was Dayton Ohio’s Smug … Read more

Motel Beds and 500 Painted LP’s [Concert Review]

If you weren’t at this event/show on Saturday night (Jan. 18, 2014), then you missed out. Why do I go with the whole show/event phrasing? Only because of the great idea that led to pairing together the entities of Misra Records, We Care Arts, and The Motel Beds. The “old” Yellow Cab building, a half … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Smug Brothers “They Are Fluid”

The featured track today is from Dayton, Ohio’s Smug Brothers. The group has a new EP coming out next month titled Strictly Triggers on Gas Daddy Go! Records. You can now hear the first track, “They Are Fluid,” below from that release. The Smug Brothers are veterans of the Dayton scene and once again feature … Read more