Built To Spill: Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston [Album Review]

Built To Spill Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel JohnstonErnest Jenning Record Co. [2020] Who: Indie rock icons, Built to Spill cover 11 tracks from another indie rock icon, Daniel Johnstone. Sound: Boise, Idaho indie rock legends play it safe and respectful to give a fitting and often times, endearing tribute to Daniel … Read more

Flat Worms: Antarctica [Album Review]

Flat Worms AntarcticaGOD?/Drag City Records [2020] Who: Los Angeles-based Flat Worms clean up a tad for their latest LP. Sound: California fuzz-noise punks get special treatment from recording engineer Steve Albini, with mixed results. TFN Final Take: Part of my joy of listening to Flat Worms albums was the sharp post-punk songs rising to the … Read more

Sleepies: Time v Pleasure [Album Review]

Sleepies Time v PleasureSelf-Released [2020] Who: Sleepies awake from their three year hiatus to deliver a unique take on their sound. Sound: Sleepies branch off from their established jangly post-punk sound and dive into the early years of stripped-down post-punk with stunning results. I have been a fan of Sleepies since I heard the herky-jerky … Read more

Shell Of A Shell: Away Team [Album Review]

Shell Of A Shell Away TeamExploding In Sound Records [2020] Who: Nashville, Tennessee quartet, Shell of a Shell ramp up the tension for their debut LP. Sound: Shell of a Shell continue to impress. Their sound makes me think of a blend of Pile’s or Rodan’s edginess and unconventional arrangements mixed with a contrasting side … Read more

Kal Marks: Let The Shit House Burn Down [Album Review]

Kal Marks Let The Shit House Burn Down Exploding in Sound Records [2019] Who: Boston’s Kal Marks rip their way through a 5-track EP, laying everything to waste with their wonderfully grotesque sound. Sound: Kal Marks make beautiful, grungy noise. Off-putting to some, but it draws me in every time. TFN Final Take: Let The … Read more

Kneeling In Piss: Tour De Force [Album Review]

Kneeling In Piss Tour De Force FAH-Q/Anyway Records [2019] Who: Columbus, Ohio-based Kneeling In Piss have a hell of a debut album on their hands. Sound: Kneeling In Piss are occasionally jangly, occasionally punk, often lo-fi power pop and all the time fun. TFN Final Take: Alex Mussawir’s Kneeling In Piss emerged from the ashes … Read more

Honey Radar: Ruby Puff Of Dust [Album Review]

Honey Radar Ruby Puff Of Dust What’s Your Rupture? [2019] Who: Philadelphia-based lo-fi specialists Honey Radar do what they do best on their 5th LP. What do they do? They make memorable lo-fi charmers. Sound: Jason Henn’s tie-dye, lo-fi stylings are nostalgic and endearing on this remarkable new LP. TFN Final Take: Ruby Puff of … Read more

CFM: Soundtrack To An Empty Room [Album Review]

CFM Soundtrack To An Empty Room In The Red Records [2019] Who: Charles Francis Moothart aka CFM releases another satisfying psych fuzz-rock LP. Sound: Soundtrack to an Empty Room is Moothart’s most introspective and laidback album to date. TFN Final Take: Soundtrack to an Empty Room is Charles Francis Moothart’s third solo LP as CFM. … Read more

Smug Brothers: All Blur And Spark [Album Review]

Smug Brothers All Blur And Spark Gas Daddy Go! Records [2019] Who: Dayton, Ohio-based Smug Brothers release another charming and quite satisfying album. Sound: All Blur and Spark is an impressive kaleidoscope of songs that were born from the GoFundMe endeavor to press their last album, Attic Harvest, to vinyl. TFN Final Take: All Blur … Read more

Dumb: Club Nites [Album Review]

Dumb Club Nites Mint Records [2019] Who: Vancouver’s Dumb are a lot smarter than their name implies. They have released one of the best records of 2019. Sound: Dumb are often compared to their post-punk contemporaries, Parquet Courts, and not without reason, but they are so much more than that. In some aspects, they are … Read more

SIZ: Liquid [Album Review]

SIZ Liquid Flippin’ Freaks [2019] Who: SIZ hail from Bordeaux, France and they are all about some 90’s grunge/fuzz-tinged with a steady dose of heavy shoegaze and psychedelic rock. Sound: Liquid is a satisfying blend of different genres of 90s indie rock, and at the same time sound like they belong in the same collective … Read more

Snapped Ankles: Stunning Luxury [Album Review]

Snapped Ankles Stunning Luxury The Leaf Label [2019] Who: Snapped Ankles are a pseudo-techno/punk band out of London and out of this world. Sound: Stunning Luxury continues Snapped Ankles’ blend of tribal techno mixed with motorik rhythms and post-punk ethos. TFN Final Take: 2019 continues to impress me with a constant stream of great new … Read more

Pink Mexico: DUMP [Album Review]

Pink Mexico DUMP Little Dickman/Burger Records [2019] Who: Brooklyn-based grunge/fuzz act Pink Mexico return with their 3rd LP. Sound: DUMP picks up where 2016’s Fool left off. The fuzz and buzz are still there, Pink Mexico has not lost a thing. TFN Final Take: I have been smitten with Pink Mexico since their debut album … Read more

Pile: Green And Gray [Album Review]

Pile Green and Gray Exploding in Sound Records [2019] Who: Boston-based Pile are back with a sprawling and epic-sounding 7th LP. Sound: Green and Gray, sounds like a Pile record, it is a lot slower, longer, more nuanced, but still has impact. It just takes time to get there. TFN Final Take: By the time … Read more

Plains: Peace In Restland [Album Review]

Plains Peace in Restland Self-Released [2019] Who: Plains are a Newmarket, New Hampshire-based quartet . Sound: Peace in Restland, Plains debut LP, is an engaging blend of psychedelic Americana folk and punk. TFN Final Take: I decided to check out Plains on a whim after seeing their name on a show poster as a supporting … Read more

Smug Brothers: Attic Harvest [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Attic Harvest Gas Daddy Go! Records [2019] Who: Dayton, Ohio-based Smug Brothers make a dream come true and finally release an album on vinyl. Attic Harvest is a dream for us listeners, too. Sound: Attic Harvest features a new lineup for Smug Brothers, but not to worry, Smug Brothers still showcase catchy and … Read more

Mike Krol: Power Chords [Album Review]

Mike Krol Power Chords Merge Records [2019] Who: LA-based Mike Krol is all about the power chords and hooks on his new LP. Sound: Power Chords is a delightful balancing act of garage rock, fuzz , power pop and earnest lyrics. TFN Final Take: Power Chords is the first Mike Krol album I have heard. … Read more

Flat Worms: Into The Iris [Album Review]

Flat Worms Into The Iris Drag City/GOD? Records [2019] Who: LA-based noise punk trio, Flat Worms are poised to take over the world, or at least what you are listening to. Sound: Into the Iris see the Flat Worms sharpen their hooks and keeping things lean with a very accessible and aggressive noise pop hybrid. … Read more

Rick Rude: Verb For Dreaming [Album Review]

Rick Rude Verb For Dreaming Exploding in Sound Records [2018] Who: New Hampshire’s Rick Rude follow up their brilliant debut with a fine LP that is full of ideas and styles. Sound: Verb for Dreaming sees Rick Rude continuing their penchant for varied styles of rock wrapped up in a LP format. TFN Final Take: … Read more

GØGGS: Pre-Strike Sweep [Album Review]

GØGGS Pre-Strike Sweep In The Red [2018] Who: Ty Segall, Charles Moothart (Fuzz, CFM) and Chris Shaw (Ex-Cult) record another rousing fuzz punk record. Sound: GØGGS’ second release proves they are no fluke. Pre-Strike Sweep is a force to be reckoned with. TFN Final Take: I am not a huge Ty Segall fan by any … Read more

IDLES: Joy As An Act Of Resistance [Album Review]

IDLES Joy As An Act Of Resistance Partisan Records [2018] Who: Bristol-based joy punks, IDLES have released one of 2018’s finest and vital albums. Sound: Joy as an Act of Resistance is a joyful collection of insightful, important and fun punk rock. TFN Final Take: IDLES were not content to rest on their laurels after … Read more

Spirit Of The Beehive: Hypnic Jerks [Album Review]

Spirit Of The Beehive Hypnic Jerks Tiny Engines [2018] Who: Philadelphia-based Spirit of the Beehive offer us a meandering psychedelic trip. Sound: Hypnic Jerks is a more mellow affair than the Beehive’s last LP. It is also a bit more of a chore to listen to. TFN Final Take: I was amazed by 2017’s Pleasure … Read more

Pile: Odds And Ends [Album Review]

Pile Odds And Ends Exploding In Sound Records [2018] Who: Boston-based Pile please their fans with an essential compilation of their twisted, genre-defying songs. Sound: Odds and Ends is a tidy collection of Pile songs that span 2010-2017. TFN Final Take: It’s no secret that I am a big Pile fan. Odds and Ends does … Read more

Big Bite: Big Bite [Album Review]

Big Bite Big Bite Pop Wig Records [2018] Who: Seattle, Washington based Big Bite have released a stunning debut album. Sound: Big Bite’s debut is a bold and satisfying mix of Wipers and contemporaries such as Pardoner and Baked. TFN Final Take: I have been a Big Bite tear for the past month. Their self-titled … Read more

Doffing: Tower Of Ten Thousand Miles [Album Review]

Doffing Tower Of Ten Thousand Miles Self-Released [2018] Who: Montreal’s Doffing may have released one of 2018’s best albums. Tower of Ten Thousand Miles is flying under the radar, but try your best to lock on and engage. Sound: Doffing emulate and honor 90’s indie rock with an entertaining blend of weirdo rock that is … Read more