The Fire Note Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2023

2023 was a great year in music! Solid release after solid release made this year’s list one of the hardest to put together in TFN’s 17-year history. The simple fact is that TFN receives hundreds of albums every year for review so it is never an easy task. In regards to our annual best-of list … Read more

Beach Fossils: Bunny [Album Review]

Beach FossilsBunnyBayonet Records [2023] Beach Fossils, the indie rock band hailing from Brooklyn, has returned after five years with their fourth studio album, Bunny. Known for their dreamy and introspective sound, the band’s latest offering takes their signature style to new heights. Bunny is a dreamy, hazy, and ultimately uplifting album that showcases the band’s … Read more

Beach Fossils – “Run To The Moon” [Video]

Beach Fossils share new single/video “Run to the Moon” from their anticipated new album Bunny, out June 2nd on Bayonet. Pairing dreamy production with concise songwriting, the heartfelt song captures Dustin Payseur’s transition from being terrified by the idea of parenthood to the overwhelming joy of the birth of his daughter. The track processes this … Read more

Beach Fossils – “Dare Me” [Video]

Beach Fossils present “Dare Me,” the new single/video from their forthcoming album, Bunny, out June 2nd on Bayonet. Following lead single “Don’t Fade Away,” “Dare Me” broadens Beach Fossils’ palette of irresistible tracks. Beach Fossils have steadily earned their stature as one of the most definitive and enduring bands of the last decade which is … Read more

Beach Fossils: “Don’t Fade Away” [Video]

Beach Fossils have announced Bunny, their first studio album since 2017, out June 2nd on Bayonet. In conjunction with today’s announcement, they present its lead single/video, “Don’t Fade Away.” Throughout the last fifteen years, Beach Fossils have steadily earned their stature as one of the most definitive and enduring bands of the 2010s New York … Read more

Fire Track: Beach Fossils – “Down The Line (Piano)”

Beach Fossils share new single “Down The Line (Piano)” from their new album The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads, out November 19th on Bayonet Records. “I’ve regularly attempted to harness the feeling that I get while listening to jazz and pour it into my songs,” says the band’s Dustin Payseur. “There’s always been an … Read more

Beach Fossils: Somersault [Album Review]

Beach Fossils Somersault Bayonet Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Beach Fossils keep things moving and interesting on Somersault. Album Review: Beach Fossils are impressive for many reasons, but the other bands that started as their offshoots is attention-grabbing. Former members John Pena and Cole Smith started Heavenly Beat, and DIIV, respectively. While Beach Fossils sit … Read more

Top 20 Guitar Riffs of 2013

The Fire Note never claims to know all about the mighty guitar riff but we’ve given a listen to plenty of albums this year. I’m even sure there are some riffs that happened to slip through the cracks but we did our best to efficiently scour the 2013 releases. Hours went into listening from Deafheaven … Read more

The Fire Note Weekly Top 10: Top Songs of 2013

The Fire Note received over 20,000 songs this year to check out. Pairing them down to 10 was simply crazy but we did just that for this week’s Top 10. Below you will find 10 tracks that simply made us listen again and again. Enjoy. #10 “Bonnie Brae” Harper Simon The bar is already crazy … Read more

Beach Fossils: Clash The Truth [Album Review]

Beach Fossils Clash The Truth Captured Tracks Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Beach Fossils change the sonic output but retain the quality! Album Review: What is the saying? All good things must come to an end? Well Beach Fossils won’t be the first lo-fi basement do-it yourself band to move out of the cellar as … Read more

Beach Fossils announces new album + shares new single

Beach Fossils began in 2009 as the solo project of Dustin Payseur. Before and after the 2010 release of the S/T debut LP and 2011’s What A Pleasure EP, they performed around the world with a lineup that once featured Cole Smith (DIIV) and John Peńa (Heavenly Beat). They quickly became known for their highly energetic stage show, bringing the … Read more