Video Premiere: Smug Brothers – “Let Me Know When It’s Yes”

TFN is thrilled to premiere the fantastic new video from Smug Brothers today! “Let Me Know When It’s Yes” is a track from the Ohio indie rock band’s latest album, In The Book Of Bad Ideas, set to be released via Anyway Records on Friday, September 8th.

Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kyle Melton expressed his thoughts on the song, stating, “Almost as soon as we’d recorded it, we all kinda knew this was the “hit” from the album. Lots of jangly guitars with a few surprises in the arrangement, which was a lot of fun to put together. For me, it’s about as straightforward a pop song as I would write; both musically and lyrically, it’s pretty relatable. Sometimes you have to be patient until someone or something gives you the green light and the moment is right.”

Drummer Don Thrasher conceived the idea for the music video, paying homage to Richard Linklater’s cult classic film, Slacker, released in 1991. Ryan Shaffer then developed a script that compiled several pivotal scenes from the movie into a single narrative. Each member of Smug Brothers portrays a character in the video, alongside talented local actors who were carefully selected for the roles. The scenes were captured using an iPhone, filmed in and around Dayton, Ohio.

“Let Me Know When It’s Yes” perfectly exemplifies Smug Brothers’ blend of power pop, new wave, and indie rock. The track bursts with infectious melodies and jangly guitars, accompanied by a driving rhythm section that will remind you of several classic tracks from The Toms or The Plimsouls. The band’s tight and dynamic arrangement strikes a balance between rawness and polish, drawing inspiration from classic rock ‘n’ roll while infusing their own modern twist. This latest record represents yet another confident step forward for Smug Brothers and is sure to rank among their best works to date!


Upcoming shows: Yellow Cab Tavern [Dayton]-July 8 w/Turboslacker, and Bomb Bunny

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Danielle Petrosa

Director | Editor | Camera : Ryan Shaffer
Producer & concept by : Don Thrasher
Co-Director | Camera : Andrew Grigiss
AD | Camera : Mike Buol
Sound : Nathan Shaffer

Actors: Mike Buol, Alex Culpeppe, Andrew Grigiss, Jennifer Kash, Kyle Melton, Ethan Shaffer, Ryan Shaffer,
Kyle Sowash, Dan Thrasher, Don Thrasher & Kesey Trout

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