Passenger Peru: Light Places [Album Review]

Passenger Peru Light Places Fleeting Youth Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Brooklyn duo expands upon their excellent debut with an even better sophomore album! Album Review: I have been sitting on this review for a few weeks, trying to figure out some hook to tie this whole thing together and then I had an epiphany. … Read more

JJ Grey & Mofro: Ol’ Glory [Album Review]

JJ Grey & Mofro Ol’ Glory Provogue Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Imitation is the greatest form of appreciation. Album Review: Working out of Northern Florida, JJ Grey & Mofro have come closest to capturing their live energy on their 9th full-length project in 15 years, a sound that has made them fans in the … Read more

The King Khan & BBQ Show: Bad News Boys [Album Review]

The King Khan & BBQ Show Bad News Boys In The Red Records [2015] Fire Note Says: King Khan & BBQ return with another fun and rockin’ set of songs. Album Review: We last heard from King Khan on the 2013 Merge Records release Idle No More with the Shrines. It was one of most … Read more

Iron & Wine: Archive Series Vol. No. 1 [Album Review]

Iron & Wine Archive Series Vol. No. 1 Black Cricket Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Archival recordings take listeners back to Iron & Wine’s whispery homespun origins. Album Review: Sam Beam has come a long way since his 2002 Sub Pop debut The Creek Drank the Cradle: since those earliest days, Iron & Wine has … Read more

The Black Ryder: The Door Behind The Door [Album Review]

The Black Ryder The Door Behind The Door The Anti-Machine Machine [2015] Fire Note Says: The Black Ryder applies new textures to vivid and cathartic philosophies. Album Review: The Black Ryder’s first LP Buy The Ticket Take The Ride sounds like an easy LP to love—but only if you’re not Pitchfork. Rolling Stone included Buy … Read more

Big Dick: Disappointment [Album Review]

Big Dick Disappointment Dirt Cult Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Their debut album was great…this is GREATER! Album Review: It’s no secret that Big Dick’s debut album was one of The Fire Note’s favorite albums of 2013, in fact, internally we have often dreamed that the Canadian duo would headline a mythical Fire Note Fest, … Read more

Torche: Restarter [Album Review]

Torche Restarter Relapse Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Torche aim to rock you under their heavy groove. Album Review: You can classify Torche into any type of “rock” box you want, be it metal, alternative, radio friendly, sludge or maybe even pop but their fourth album, Restarter, is somewhat of a game changer for the … Read more

Dan Deacon: Gliss Riffer [Album Review]

Dan Deacon Gliss Riffer Domino Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Dan Deacon streamlines his signature sound with mixed results. Album Review: Listening to Dan Deacon’s records is a different kind of experience. Precious few artists in the field of electronica have such a penchant for pop or a relish for rock that Deacon has. It … Read more

Smug Brothers: Woodpecker Paradise [Album Review]

Smug Brothers Woodpecker Paradise Gas Daddy Go! Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Smug Brothers newest album is one of their strongest efforts to date. A tight, urgent, and catchy blend of indie rock from rock Mecca Dayton, Ohio. Album Review: Around this time last year, I was reviewing the Smug Brothers’ LP On the Way … Read more