The Fire Note Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2023

2023 was a great year in music! Solid release after solid release made this year’s list one of the hardest to put together in TFN’s 17-year history. The simple fact is that TFN receives hundreds of albums every year for review so it is never an easy task. In regards to our annual best-of list … Read more

R. Ring: War Poems, We Rested [Album Review]

R. RingWar Poems, We RestedDon Giovanni Records [2023] War Poems, We Rested is the sophomore record from R. Ring and it is the band’s first full-length release since their excellent 2017 album Ignite The Rest. The group features the always engaging Kelley Deal (of The Breeders) and the talented musician/Candyland Recording Studio Owner/Engineer Mike Montgomery … Read more

R. Ring – “Hug” [Video]

Last month, Don Giovanni Records announced the upcoming album from R. Ring titled War Poems, We Rested. The band features Kelley Deal (of The Breeders) and Mike Montgomery (of Ampline). Laura King (of Bat Fangs) contributed drums and other significant arrangements to the album as well. Today, R. Ring have released the album’s third and final single “Hug” to digital streaming platforms, along with the above accompanying … Read more

R. Ring: Ignite The Rest [Album Review]

R. Ring Ignite The Rest SofaBurn Records [2017] Who: Kelley Deal (Breeders) and Mike Montgomery (Ampline) join forces for their debut LP. Sound: Ignite the Rest is a stunning full length debut from R. Ring. It is so good that I have quit whining about wanting another Breeders LP…almost. TFN Final Take: To be truthful, … Read more

Motel Beds sign w/ Misra • Prep Split 7″ w/ R. Ring (Kelley Deal)

We keep telling you about one of our favorite Dayton, Ohio bands Motel Beds and they are now even closer to your record player. The band has officially signed with Misra Records and already has several cool projects in the pipeline. Misra is set to release a R. Ring / Motel Beds split 7-inch for … Read more

R. Ring (Kelley Deal/Mike Montgomery) tour Ohio then off to Europe

R.Ring (The Breeders’ Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery) have three back to back live shows in Ohio starting tonight! The two-piece will be supporting their Misra Records debut 7″ as they prepare for their European tour which kicks off in Brussels, Belgium on March 2. Full tour schedule below. You can see our 7-inch … Read more

R. Ring: “Fallout And Fire” b/w “See” 7-Inch

R. Ring “Fallout And Fire” b/w “See” Misra Records [2012] R. Ring is the new group comprised of The Breeders’ Kelley Deal (Dayton, OH) and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery (Dayton, KY). This debut 7” finds the A side “Fallout And Fire” kicking off with a catchy acoustic riff followed quickly by the signature tone from Deal … Read more