Solar Eyes – “Let’s Run Away” [Video]

Psychedelic cosmonauts Solar Eyes will release their highly anticipated debut album on February 16th via Fierce Panda. Following three previous sun-dazzled EP releases – ‘Dreaming Of The Moon’, ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’ — the band were snapped up by the Fierce Panda label earlier this year. The brainchild of Birmingham duo Glenn … Read more

Ivan The Tolerable Trio – “Lurcher” [Video]

Ivan The Tolerable is back with yet another release! This time with his first studio album. Lurcher taken from the album Infinite Peace – Out on Stolen Body Records on March 4th 2024. From Oli Heffernan: “This album began as a pipedream about 5 years ago and became reality in the Summer of 2023. I’ve … Read more

Ghost Funk Orchestra – “Again” [Video]

February 2024 sees Ghost Funk Orchestra blast off into new territory on their fifth album, A Trip To The Moon. The second single from the LP is “Again,” an emotionally charged example of a song which seems to be a record of a breakthrough moment. Romi Hanoch’s vocal performance climaxes in an arresting gut wrenching intensity and is matched throughout the song … Read more

POND – “Neon River” [Video]

Pond—one of the most versatile, inquisitive, and accomplished bands of the psychedelic rock vanguard have released a new single, “Neon River” today. The single is a delightful seesaw, shifting between gossamer spans of acoustic beauty and slicing, shout-out-loud paroxysms that suggest Led Zeppelin in trim fighting form. It’s a new era of Pond, one that sees the … Read more

Hovvdy – “Forever” [Video]

Hovvdy announce their fifth album, Hovvdy, out April 26th on Arts & Crafts. The self-titled, 19 track double album is a statement piece that finds Charlie Martin and Will Taylor at the height of their powers, broadening the scope of their songwriting and adding new wrinkles to their sound, creating something wholly unique and exhilarating. The collection centers Hovvdy’s creative maturation in a true … Read more

The Smile – “Friend Of A Friend” [Video]

Here is a new video from The Smile. The Paul Thomas Anderson directed video for their current single “Friend Of A Friend” is taken from the band’s new, sophomore album Wall Of Eyes, which is out now. The video was premiered in 35mm alongside a surround sound album playback of Wall Of Eyes at a series of events before the … Read more

Six Organs Of Admittance – “The Mission” [Video]

Six Organs of Admittance, the long-running moniker of Ben Chasny, announces his 21st album, Time is Glass, out April 26th via Drag City, and shares its lead single/video, “The Mission.” For the past 25 years, Chasny has written music as Six Organs of Admittance while living in different places out on the road for most of that time. After two … Read more

The Dandy Warhols – “Danzig With Myself” (ft. Frank Black) [Video]

THE DANDY WARHOLS’ twelfth new album ROCKMAKER is due out March 15th via Sunset Blvd. Records and on the album the band maintains their classic psych rock roots but dives into even a grittier edge that borders on post-punk and even goth. Courtney Taylor-Taylor found inspiration on this record in The Damned, MC5 and The Stooges. “Sometimes we have a very focused idea of what … Read more

Katy Kirby – “Drop Dead” [Video]

On her second album ‘Blue Raspberry’ – out today – the New York-based songwriter Katy Kirby dives headlong into the artifice of intimacy: the glitter smeared across eyelid creases, the smiles switched on with an electric buzz, the synthetic rose scent all over someone who’s made herself smell nice just for you. An exegesis of Kirby’s first queer … Read more

Beans – “Haunted” [Video]

Melbourne-based band Beans, fronted by The Murlocs drummer Matt Blach, have just announced the forthcoming release of a new album, Boots N Cats, which will be out for all to hear on Friday March 1st via Fuzz Club. This exciting new album bounces between organ-driven garage-rock wig-outs, breezy psych-pop and groovy funk instrumentals. Today, the band has released a … Read more

Grandaddy – “Long As I’m Not The One” [Video]

Grandaddy will release their anticipated first new studio album in 7 years Blu Wav on February 16 via Dangerbird Records. Final album preview single “Long as I’m Not the One“ is a heartbreak ballad set to a deceivingly lush, comforting composition that chugs along and envelops listeners like a warm blanket. Jason Lytle shares, “While … Read more

Marbled Eye – “See It Too” [Video]

Marbled Eye have announced their long-awaited new full-length, Read The Air, due out March 22nd via Summer Shade and Digital Regress. After five years the Oakland, CA-based band have reemerged with their finest set of songs to date, harnessing art school creativity, garage rock swagger, and primitive hardcore force into a post-punk tour de force.  To mark the occasion, Marbled Eye have … Read more

Ty Segall – “My Best Friend” [Video]

Since 2008, Ty Segall has played out his hunger to be free through a dozen solo LPs, a variety of collaborative projects, and a rippling eclecticism of songs, sounds and production, all conversing from album to album in a mad diversity of voices. This search continues with Ty’s newest album, Three Bells, a fifteen song journey to the … Read more

Gentlemen Rogues – “Do the Resurrection!” [Video]

Gentlemen Rogues recently announced the release of Surface Noise, a brand new LP of well-turned guitar pop, complete with roaring chords and propulsive rhythms behind Danny Dunlap’s clever and cultured lyrics, will be co-released on February 16, 2024, by Double Helix Records and Shifting Sounds. Surface Noise plays like a singles collection. Tracks like “Involuntary Solitary,” “Never the Bride,” and “All Out … Read more

Meatbodies – “Move” [Video]

Meatbodies new single “Move” is an epic full journey spanning from hypnotic, drone-y groove into a full-on psychedelic freak-out. It’s opening icy, circular synth bassline recalls Martin Rev/Suicide, then slithers into a Spaceman 3 groove before blossoming into a total rock-acid blowout. It’s one of the many highlights from Meatbodies’ soon-to-be released Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom and hits today alongside … Read more

Green Day – “Bobby Sox” [Video]

Green Day’s new album, Saviors, has arrived today. Their 14th studio album, Saviors, is the first full-length release from Green Day since 2020’s Father of All Motherfuckers, and features more of a political tilt than the band has had in years. Discussing “Bobby Sox” from the new album, which is out today, Billie Joe Armstrong delved into some … Read more

Rick Rude – “Square” [Video]

The Led Zeppelin-meets-Superchunk-styled instrumental “Square” is the second single from Rick Rude’s upcoming album ‘Laverne’, out February 2nd on Midnight Werewolf Records. About Rick Rude: New England relationships have the benefit of the seasons to cauterize intimacy. Sometimes that happens between friends over cards at the cleared dinner table, or under a locally handmade blanket. For … Read more

Kim Gordon – “Bye Bye” [Video]

Musician and visual artist Kim Gordon returns with her second solo album, The Collective, which will be released March 8th on Matador. Its lead track, “Bye Bye,” is out now, driven by a snaking bassline which guides us through a haunting packing list. Gordon will also play six live shows around The Collective’s arrival, beginning March 21 in Burlington, Vt. (full list … Read more

Khruangbin – “A Love International” [Video]

Khruangbin have returned with the announcement of A LA SALA or “To the Room” in Spanish — the band’s fourth studio album and first LP in four years out April 5th on Dead Oceans in partnership with Night Time Stories Ltd. Also out today is lead single “A Love International” illustrating the reflective, celebratory nature of A LA … Read more

O-D-EX – “Back To Form” [Video]

Dirtnap Records recently announced the debut LP from O-D-EX, the new project from Mark Ryan of Mind Spiders and The Marked Men, and now they are back with a new single from the LP. Mark Ryan’s O-D-EX is a new take for the musician best known for Mind Spiders and The Marked Men. Harsh digital synthesizers … Read more

Waxahatchee – “Right Back to It” (feat. MJ Lenderman) [Video]

Waxahatchee, the solo project of Alabama-born and Kansas City-based Katie Crutchfield, is returning with her most confident and resilient album to date. Her first on new label home ANTI-, Tigers Blood, is available for pre-order now, and due March 22nd. Here we see Crutchfield emerge as a powerhouse – an ethnologist of the self – forever dedicated to revisiting her wins and losses. … Read more

Ride – “Peace Sign” [Video]

Ride returns with the news of their seventh studio album, Interplay, out March 29th via Wichita Recordings / PIAS. The new record is the Oxford four-piece’s third since reforming in 2014, having now been together longer in their current second phase than their original iteration as 90’s shoegaze pioneers. The announcement is accompanied by the … Read more

The Jesus And Mary Chain – “jamcod” [Video]

The Jesus and Mary Chain today set the wheels in motion for a landmark year ahead as they announce the March 8th release of their new album Glasgow Eyes via Fuzz Club and unleash its lead single “jamcod” (spell it out). The duo – brothers Jim and William Reid – will further mark their 40th … Read more