POND – “Neon River” [Video]

Pond—one of the most versatile, inquisitive, and accomplished bands of the psychedelic rock vanguard have released a new single, “Neon River” today. The single is a delightful seesaw, shifting between gossamer spans of acoustic beauty and slicing, shout-out-loud paroxysms that suggest Led Zeppelin in trim fighting form. It’s a new era of Pond, one that sees the band at their peak – matching the unbridled energy of their live show with unbridled creativity in the studio

Pond on “Neon River”
This is a full on Pond Gemini song. Kinda tumbles through bucolic Gum (Jay Watson) larping, into Nick (Allbrook) in maximum Aerosmith spandex mode, with a brief detour into some kind of shoegaze instrumental section. The chorus is about the hollow half dead riverside shuffle of so many pre dawns of years gone by.

“Neon River” is accompanied by a video clip where a medieval LARP (Live Action Role Play) troupe meets a lonely hair-metal wanderer, who leads them on a pop-metal odyssey to fulfill their destiny. Shot on 16mm film, the video sees Allbrook pulling swords from stone and exploding out of confettified super banners like a pocket rocket, launching the troupe from pestilential medieval servitude, into glam rock ecstasy. The four minute fever dream comes complete with high speed chases, slow motion solo rock outs and stinging POND performances.



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