The Smile: Wall Of Eyes [Album Review]

The SmileWall Of EyesXL Recordings [2024] Album Overview: While their first album, A Light For Attracting Attention, could have been a one-and-done, The Smile returns! Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner have assembled once more with the follow-up, Wall of Eyes. Wall of Eyes takes a different approach with longer, more dynamic song setups … Read more

The Smile – “Friend Of A Friend” [Video]

Here is a new video from The Smile. The Paul Thomas Anderson directed video for their current single “Friend Of A Friend” is taken from the band’s new, sophomore album Wall Of Eyes, which is out now. The video was premiered in 35mm alongside a surround sound album playback of Wall Of Eyes at a series of events before the … Read more

The Smile – “Wall Of Eyes” [Video]

The Smile’s new album Wall Of Eyes, will be released on January 26th on XL Recordings. The new album, was recorded between Oxford and Abbey Road Studios, and is produced and mixed by Sam Petts-Davies. It features string arrangements by the London Contemporary Orchestra. Wall Of Eyes is the follow up their 2022 debut LP … Read more

The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2022

The music world has been slowly uncoiling from the pandemic which gave us another onslaught of great 2022 releases this year. This created another tough think tank around what albums would make The Blazing Top 50. There are plenty that we missed and one rule at TFN is that a review had to be posted … Read more

The Smile: A Light For Attracting Attention [Album Review]

The SmileA Light For Attracting AttentionXL Recordings [2022] Thom Yorke will never tire of writing music. He might get “bored” of focusing on a single project for a while but, he just finds somewhere else to focus his creative output. Cue Glastonbury 2021 and the debut of Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner (Sons … Read more

Fire Track: The Smile – “You Will Never Work In Television Again”

The Smile, the new group comprising Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood and Sons Of Kemet’s Tom Skinner, have revealed their debut single “You Will Never Work In Television Again.” The track, is accompanied by a lyric video (dir. Duncan Loudon) and was first heard in the band’s secret show as part of last year’s … Read more