Marbled Eye – “See It Too” [Video]

Marbled Eye have announced their long-awaited new full-length, Read The Air, due out March 22nd via Summer Shade and Digital Regress. After five years the Oakland, CA-based band have reemerged with their finest set of songs to date, harnessing art school creativity, garage rock swagger, and primitive hardcore force into a post-punk tour de force. 

To mark the occasion, Marbled Eye have shared Read The Air‘s cuttingly catchy lead single “See It Too.” The track’s intertwining guitar stabs are built around a steady rhythm section, all in service of a drawl chorus hook that highlights the surprising sense of melody found throughout Read The Air. Guitarist/vocalist Chris Natividad discussed the song, saying, “‘See It Too’ is about making your own path and finding connection in unexpected places.”

Recorded by the band themselves–Chris Natividad (vocals/guitar), Michael Lucero (vocals/guitar), Alex Shen (drums), and Ronnie Portugal (bass)–then mixed by Grace Coleman and mastered by Greg Obis, Read The Air pushes Marbled Eye‘s sound in subtle new ways that grab the listener and don’t let go. The bass is burly and thick, making a perfect companion for Shen’s driving pulse, while Natividad and Lucero’s guitars sound huge without sacrificing the slicing treble of their earlier work. It’s an intense-yet-human sound that lends itself to Natividad and Lucero’s cynical lyricism, exploring the uncivil nature of civil society with a sneer and a wink. The result is everything a good post-punk album should be: imaginative, dynamic, as thorny as it is satisfying.

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