Green Day – “Bobby Sox” [Video]

Green Day’s new album, Saviors, has arrived today. Their 14th studio album, Saviors, is the first full-length release from Green Day since 2020’s Father of All Motherfuckers, and features more of a political tilt than the band has had in years. Discussing “Bobby Sox” from the new album, which is out today, Billie Joe Armstrong delved into some … Read more

Weezer: SZNZ – Autumn [Album Review]

WeezerSZNZ: AutumnCrush Music/Atlantic Records [2022] Sure as autumn follows summer, Weezer has delivered their third volume in this year’s concept album project, SZNZ: Autumn. While the story line is less clear, songwriter Rivers Cuomo has held onto the basic themes, but more importantly delivers a handful of fun songs that capture those reliable Weezer pop … Read more

Weezer: SZNZ – Summer [Album Review]

WeezerSZNZ: SummerCrush Music/Atlantic Records [2022] No doubt the biggest challenge when committing to produce a concept album around a predetermined narrative and artistic themes is maintaining the integrity of the storyline and finding creative ways to meet the established expectations. With SZNZ: Spring, Rivers Cuomo laid down a number of markers that he attempts to … Read more

Weezer: SZNZ – Spring [Album Review]

WeezerSZNZ: SpringCrush Music/Atlantic Records [2022] Even if you haven’t loved every step on the journey with Weezer, you have to be impressed by composer/bandleader Rivers Cuomo’s work ethic and high-quality output. Frankly, I was less than enamored with the mega-buzz that accompanied the band’s cover of “Africa” by Toto than say, the original the first … Read more

Weezer: Van Weezer [Album Review]

Weezer Van WeezerCrush Music/Atlantic Records [2021] Back in 2018, when Weezer shared a co-headline tour with The Pixies, everything about the former’s end of set theatrics suggested the band’s need for an album like Van Weezer. As suggested in The Fire Note concert review at the time, when the set design switched from the “garage … Read more

Weezer: OK Human [Album Review]

Weezer OK HumanCrush Music/Atlantic Records [2021] With the pandemic postponement of the Hella Mega Tour with co-headliners Green Day and Fall Out Boy, Weezer has delayed the release of their promised Van Weezer record designed to re-visit the big noisy guitars of their hard rock and metal influences a la the likes of KISS, Sabbath, … Read more