Meatbodies: Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom [Album Review]

MeatbodiesFlora Ocean Tiger BloomIn The Red Records [2024] Album Overview: Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom is Meatbodies’ latest album, marking a significant progression from their previous works. The record serves as a testament to frontman Chad Ubovich’s tumultuous yet transformative personal odyssey over the last several years, encapsulating themes of redemption, reinvention, and the human condition. … Read more

Meatbodies – “Billow” [Video]

Meatbodies’ “Billow” plays like a long-lost single from the Creation Records heyday with a space-y Stone Roses-type groove that is immediate and unforgettable. It’s nothing short of an instant classic built on harmonizing vocals and tons of tambourine—blossoming from darkness into a hopeful groove bathed in sunlight and lysergic acid. The track is just one of thirteen … Read more

Fire Track: Charles Moothart – “One Wish”

LA-based rocker Charles Moothart (formerly CFM) has released the second single off his upcoming LP Black Holes Don’t Choke, out March 8th 2024 via In The Red Records.  The new track, titled, “One Wish” sees Moothart turn down the fuzz by just a few notches, and pop out a psych-rock track that dares to jangle when it’s not attempting to melt your face. … Read more

Meatbodies – “Move” [Video]

Meatbodies new single “Move” is an epic full journey spanning from hypnotic, drone-y groove into a full-on psychedelic freak-out. It’s opening icy, circular synth bassline recalls Martin Rev/Suicide, then slithers into a Spaceman 3 groove before blossoming into a total rock-acid blowout. It’s one of the many highlights from Meatbodies’ soon-to-be released Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom and hits today alongside … Read more

Charles Moothart (FUZZ/CFM/Ty Segall Band): Soft Crime EP (Starburst Wax | Limited)

Here is an excellent new EP from Charles Moothart! You know Charles from his many other projects – Fuzz, CFM, GØGGS, Ty Segall Freedom Band, to name a few. Famous Class is releasing the first project under his full name with the Soft Crime EP. The 7” is up for pre-order now on a very … Read more

Meatbodies: 333 [Album Review]

Meatbodies333In The Red Records [2021] Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich has kept busy over the last decade playing in Mikal Cronin’s backing band, playing along Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart supplying the killer bass in Fuzz, and then releasing two albums and touring to support his own Meatbodies. The group now returns with the seven song 333 … Read more

FUZZ: Levitation Session (Green & Purple Swirl Wax | Limited)

Hopefully you have been keeping up with the announced Levitation Sessions because each and every one of them has been stellar. This Saturday (4/24) is the debut of FUZZ’s set and like the others there is some great looking vinyl to capture the moment. The heavy psych power trio Charles Moothart, Ty Segall and Chad … Read more

FUZZ: III [Album Review]

FUZZIIIIn The Red Records [2020] FUZZ, the Los Angeles-based trio of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and new member Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), have returned with their third album and first album in five years. Appropriately titled III, the band comes back with their familiar modern stoner rock but unlike their two … Read more

FUZZ – “Mirror” [Video]

FUZZ, the Los Angeles-based trio of Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals), will release their first album in five years, III, this Friday, October 23rd on In The Red Recordings. Today, they present a final pre-release offering, “Mirror,” following a mind-bending stop motion video for“Spit” and lead single … Read more

FUZZ: II [Album Review]

FUZZ II In The Red Recordings [2015] Fire Note Says: Ty Segall and his volatile trio return with another molten, time bender Album Review: Until we heard it, FUZZ was a band we didn’t know that we needed. With their debut self-titled album, high school friends Ty Segall (Drums, Vocals), Charles Mootheart (Guitar), and Roland … Read more

FUZZ Announce Thunderous Return / New Album II Out 10/23 via In The Red

FUZZ is back! Ty Segall (drums, vocals), Charles Moothart (guitar, vocals), and Chad Ubovich (bass, vocals) are exploring all the blank-ations of what will be, or has always been, on II. Tried and true methods mixed with tongue twisting, teeth shattering, seizure-inducing stabs at the norm. Word on the street says II will be heavy, … Read more

Top 20 Guitar Riffs of 2013

The Fire Note never claims to know all about the mighty guitar riff but we’ve given a listen to plenty of albums this year. I’m even sure there are some riffs that happened to slip through the cracks but we did our best to efficiently scour the 2013 releases. Hours went into listening from Deafheaven … Read more

FUZZ: Live In San Francisco [Album Review]

FUZZ Live In San Francisco Castle Face Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Live In San Francisco series keeps cooking with the ever burly FUZZ. Album Review: I‘m a huge FUZZ fiend. Not only was their debut s/t album something to get excited for (TFN Review), but the collection of 45s leading up to its … Read more

FUZZ: Sunderberry Dream [7-Inch Feature]

FUZZ “Sunderberry Dream” b/w “21st Century Schizoid Man” In The Red Records [2013] FUZZ’s debut (TFN Review) was a fall release that we were highly anticipating for some time. FUZZ features the crazy productive Ty Segall on vocals and drums. This of course is rounded out by his heavy rock buddies Charlie Moothart (guitar/vocals) and … Read more

FUZZ: FUZZ [Album Review]

FUZZ FUZZ In The Red Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Segall continues his wild ride with proto-metalers FUZZ! Album Review: As a musician Ty Segall isn’t one to shy away from being prolific. He released three albums alone last year: Goodbye Bread; the explosive Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse; and the best of his 2012 releases, … Read more

FUZZ Deluxe LPs Pre-Order Last Week in September

Mark your calendar for the highly anticipated self-titled full length debut from Ty Segall’s FUZZ. Here is a picture of the ultra deluxe Fuzz LP that is foil-embossed on black fuzzy velvet! Looks cool right?! FUZZ will see release on 10/1 via In The Red Records. According to the label pre-orders will start the last … Read more

Fuzz: This Time I Got A Reason [7-Inch Feature]

Fuzz “This Time I Got A Reason” b/w ” Fuzz’s Forth Dream ” Trouble In My Mind Records [2012] How in the hell does this kid have time to keep up with anything? Ty Segall—San Fran’s prodigal garage son—does it all: his various bands play surf music, punk, psychedelics, garage blues, sludgy string growlers, and … Read more

Fuzz: Sleigh Ride b/w You Won’t See Me [7-Inch Feature]

Fuzz Sleigh Ride 7” In The Red Records [2013] Fuzz is a project consisting of San Francisco’s favorite son Ty Segall (The Traditional Fools, Ty Segall Band) on drums and vocals, Charles Moonheart (Ty Segall Band, Charlie and The Moonhearts, Culture Kids) on guitar and rounding things out there is ex-Moonheart Roland Cosio on bass. … Read more