Waxahatchee – “Bored” [Video]

Waxahatchee shares “Bored,” the new single from her highly anticipated new album, Tigers Blood, out March 22nd on ANTI- Records. The song comes with a rollicking video shot at Devil’s Backbone Tavern in Fischer, Texas, directed by Corbett Jones & Nick Simonite.  Of the song Crutchfield says, “I feel like my comfort zone when writing songs lies somewhere on the … Read more

Katy Kirby – “Drop Dead” [Video]

On her second album ‘Blue Raspberry’ – out today – the New York-based songwriter Katy Kirby dives headlong into the artifice of intimacy: the glitter smeared across eyelid creases, the smiles switched on with an electric buzz, the synthetic rose scent all over someone who’s made herself smell nice just for you. An exegesis of Kirby’s first queer … Read more

Waxahatchee – “Right Back to It” (feat. MJ Lenderman) [Video]

Waxahatchee, the solo project of Alabama-born and Kansas City-based Katie Crutchfield, is returning with her most confident and resilient album to date. Her first on new label home ANTI-, Tigers Blood, is available for pre-order now, and due March 22nd. Here we see Crutchfield emerge as a powerhouse – an ethnologist of the self – forever dedicated to revisiting her wins and losses. … Read more

MJ Lenderman: And The Wind (Live and Loose​!​) [Album Review]

MJ LendermanAnd The Wind (Live and Loose​!​)ANTI- [2023] This review should serve as a wake-up call to all our readers who have not yet embraced the excellent music of Asheville’s MJ Lenderman or his primary band, Wednesday. The new live album, And the Wind (Live and Loose!), is compiled from two sold-out summer 2023 shows … Read more

Slow Pulp: Yard [Album Review]

Slow PulpYardANTI- [2023] Slow Pulp—indie rock band formed in Madison, WI, but currently via Chicago—recorded their debut album in relative isolation during the pandemic and liked the results enough to repeat the process. Produced in house by guitarist Henry Stoehr, the band cut their instrumental parts together, while vocalist Emily Massey recorded her vocals with … Read more

Glen Hansard: All That Was East Is West Of Me Now [Album Review]

Glen HansardAll That Was East Is West Of Me NowANTI- [2023] Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard may have gotten started in music busking on the streets of Dublin, but his career has had some very unusual twists and turns. Early on he was tapped to play the role of the guitarist in the movie about a … Read more

MJ Lenderman – “You Have Bought Yourself a Boat (Live)”

Asheville musician MJ Lenderman announces his new live album, And the Wind (Live and Loose!), out November 17th on ANTI-, and presents an accompanying live video for fan favorite “You Have Bought Yourself A Boat.” MJ Lenderman writes songs that are amorphous and elastic, rising to fill the venue they’re in, generous to accommodate the … Read more

Sparklehorse: Bird Machine [Album Review]

SparklehorseBird MachineANTI- [2023] To state the obvious, the arrival of a post-humous release from an artist that died all too early by suicide will often be tinged with the both the bitter and the sweet. Bird Machine, arriving 13 years after the death of Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous, has been lovingly curated by his brother Matt … Read more

MJ Lenderman – “Rudolph” [Video]

MJ Lenderman — Asheville, NC’s effortlessly disarming singer-songwriter and guitarist of the band Wednesday — announces his signing to ANTI- and presents a new single/video, “Rudolph.” “Rudolph” marks Lenderman’s first new music following the release of his breakthrough 2022 LP, Boat Songs. Lenderman comments, “‘Rudolph’ was the first song I wrote after the release of … Read more

M. Ward: Supernatural Thing [Album Review]

M. WardSupernatural ThingANTI- [2023] For singer/songwriter, instrumentalist and renowned producer, M. Ward the art and creativity at the heart of making music is a Supernatural Thing. In the album’s title song, he shares a message from Elvis, the original one from Memphis, that when it comes to direction, “you can go anywhere you please.” Drawing … Read more

The Tallest Man On Earth: Henry St. [Album Review]

The Tallest Man On EarthHenry St.ANTI- [2023] In the title track of The Tallest Man on Earth’s 7th album, Henry St. Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson drops the façade for a moment, acknowledging that “I’m a little dude in the scape of songs/I know I’m wrong, I just feel it right.” While Matsson has described himself … Read more

Fire Track: Slow Pulp – “Cramps”

Chicago based four-piece Slow Pulp have signed to ANTI- Records and have released the single “Cramps,” a coolly crackling new track that sounds like it is pulling lead singer Emily Massey’s vocals through a distorted tape deck backed by the band’s well-honed blend of post-punk shoegaze. “The song came out of a jam at practice … Read more

The Tallest Man On Earth: Too Late For Edelweiss [Album Review]

The Tallest Man On EarthToo Late For EdelweissANTI- [2022] Swedish folk singer/songwriter Kristian Matsson performs under the moniker The Tallest Man on Earth, and Too Late for Edelweiss is his sixth full-length album, this one entirely made up of covers of songs written by other artists. Singing with just an acoustic guitar tends to get … Read more

Plains: I Walked With You A Ways [Album Review]

PlainsI Walked With You A WaysANTI- [2022] “If it’s all you got, yeah, it’s all you gave, I got a problem with it. If you can’t do better than that, babe, I got a problem with it.” This is the catchy chorus you hear in Plains single, “Problem With It,” and it is incredibly hard … Read more

Ezra Furman: All Of Us Flames [Album Review]

Ezra FurmanAll Of Us FlamesANTI- [2022] Singer/songwriter Ezra Furman draws the title of her 7th album from the song “Book of Our Names,” a declaration from the marginalized trans community where she insists “the names will be our real ones that are ours/Not the ones given us by the enemy powers.” Given the disposable nature … Read more

Cass McCombs: Heartmind [Album Review]

Cass McCombsHeartmindANTI- [2022] There are some musical artists who are all heart, they play to the emotions, wear their feelings on their sleeves, seek to win over the crowd with heart-felt appeals to commonly shared emotions. Some others are all mind, focused on craft and eager to impress with impressive vocabulary, smart arrangements that tease … Read more

Plains – “Problem With It” [Video]

Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson have announced an album titled I Walked With You A Ways for their new collaborative project, Plains, alongside the release of a video for the album’s lead single “Problem With It.” The record and its accompanying North American tour (all dates below), is a one-time only collaboration, which makes … Read more

Cass McCombs – “Unproud Warrior” [Video]

Cass McCombs has announced his tenth studio album, Heartmind, out digitally August 19th on ANTI- (vinyl available in September), a North American tour (dates below), and presents the aching and epic country number, “Unproud Warrior” featuring Wynonna Judd and Charlie Burnham. Heartmind is an eight-song album that feels like a journey among assorted tuneful feelings, … Read more

Christian Lee Hutson: Quitters [Album Review]

Christian Lee HutsonQuittersANTI- [2022] In the songs from his ANTI-Records debut, 2020’s Beginners, modern folk/rock singer/songwriter Christian Lee Hutson wrote songs that looked back to one’s formative years and experiences, the memories and disappointments that shape the person you become. In his follow-up, Hutson seeks to make sense of the events that followed, sorting one’s … Read more

Curtis Harding: If Words Were Flowers [Album Review]

Curtis HardingIf Words Were FlowersANTI- [2021] Atlanta’s psychedelic vintage soul champion Curtis Harding set the bar high with his first two albums, 2014’s Soul Power and 2017’s Face Your Fear. The records highlighted a stylistic vision that put him in the upper echelon in the modern soul movement and now on his third long player, … Read more

Madi Diaz: History Of A Feeling [Album Review]

Madi DiazHistory Of A FeelingANTI- [2021] If there are actually five stages of grief, Nashville singer/songwriter Madi Diaz may have stumbled on a few more levels of pain on her ANTI- Records debut, History Of A Feeling, where she explores her sense of loss at the ending of a significant relationship. Diaz left the Berklee … Read more

Andy Shauf – “Jaywalker” [Video]

Andy Shauf surprised announced his new album Wilds, last week which was out Friday, September 24th (digitally)/November 19th (physically) via ANTI-. The record offers a peek into Shauf’s creative process and how the multi-instrumentalist first begins building his songs into more ornately arranged final products. Additionally, he presents a new song, “Jaywalker.” Wilds is a collection of nine songs … Read more

Danny Elfman: Big Mess [Album Review]

Danny Elfman Big MessANTI-/Epitaph Records [2021] Rarely has an artist captured the tone and energy of their recording project as accurately and succinctly as Danny Elfman does here in the album title Big Mess. Of course, Elfman is best known of late as the composer of music scores for over a 100 films going all … Read more

Curtis Harding – “Hopeful” [Video]

Curtis Harding’s voice conveys pain, pleasure, longing, tenderness, sadness and strength—a full gamut of emotions. Today his voice takes on an optimistic lilt in his new single “Hopeful”. Directed by photojournalist Lynsey Weatherspoon, the song’s accompanying black and white video was filmed in the West End of Atlanta and features footage of a John Lewis … Read more