Honey Radar: Giraffe EP [7-Inch Review]

Honey Radar Giraffe EP Chunklet Industries [2015] Seems like I am buying a new Honey Radar EP every other week. Not that I am complaining. Seems like everything Honey Radar release is murky lo-fi gold. Their new EP, Giraffe is no exception. It is four tracks of hazy, borderline psychedelic, lo-fi magic. Side A has … Read more

Tobin Sprout: Just One Kid (Takes On The World) [7-Inch Review]

Tobin Sprout “Just One Kid (Takes on the World)” Petrified Fish Records [2016] Tobin Sprout’s new 7”, “Just One Kid (Takes on the World),” was released earlier this month. There are two different jackets to collect. One is a simple white design with a bee printed in the middle; the other is a 2-color silkscreen … Read more

The Sueves: Liquid Hounds [7″ Inch Review]

Here is the debut 7” from Chicago’s thunderous rock n roll rebels The Sueves. The band offers up a very vesical and raw garage punk rock that keeps you going with their electric energy. The group reminds me some of the early material from Spokane, Washington’s, The Makers that were on the great Estrus Records … Read more

of Montreal: Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Vol. 2 [7-Inch Review]

Last year, Polyvinyl Records had the cool idea to send around a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder and capture some unique artists’ recordings with this simple setup. Polyvinyl then released the output as a monthly 7-inch series. Some of the highlights from the 2014 series included 7-inches from Cloud Nothings, Mikal Cronin and Thao & the … Read more

Connections: 5 Imaginary Boys [7-Inch Review]

Connections keeps the material rolling as this end of the year EP followed three LPs released over the last two years. The Guided By Voices comparison is impossible not to notice as this Columbus, Ohio band embraces the lo-fi sound but you will also hear their very Replacement like rock that helps make each recording … Read more

Sufjan Stevens: No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross [7-Inch Review]

It has been five years since Sufjan Stevens released The Age of Adz (2010), so it is no surprise that there is some hype for his latest full length, Carrie & Lowell, which is due out next week via Asthmatic Kitty. The album is a return to Stevens’ earlier sounding work, which was more intimate … Read more

Sleater-Kinney: Bury Our Friends [7-Inch Feature]

These days it seems harder and harder to actually be surprised. Our instant world almost never allows that “oh my gosh!” feeling anymore. Well, the trio of Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss, better known as the retired Sleater-Kinney, got us all with their new 3,000-copy, limited-edition deluxe vinyl box set, Start Together, that … Read more

Sweet Apple: Reunion [7-Inch Feature]

Sweet Apple “Reunion” b/w “Frantic Romantic” Tym Guitars [2014] I actually can’t believe that Sweet Apple’s new record, The Golden Age of Glitter, didn’t achieve more press. The rock band features the talents of John Petkovic, J Mascis, Dave Sweetapple and Tim Parnin, which are better known as members of Witch, Cobra Verde, Dinosaur Jr, … Read more

Mikal Cronin/Superchunk Split: “Takin’ It Easy”/”Good Morning” [7-Inch Feature]

Mikal Cronin/Superchunk “Takin’ It Easy” b/w “Good Morning” Merge Records [2014] Late last fall, Merge Records announced Or Thousands of Prizes which is a subscription-based, bonus-filled box set celebrating Merge Records’ twenty-fifth anniversary. Merge also did a really cool thing and donated all the proceeds to Oxfam America. Part of this box set includes 7-inch … Read more

Kim Deal: The Root [7-Inch Feature]

Kim Deal “The Root” b/w “Range on Castle” Self-Released [2014] It’s finally over; the dust has settled as the 20th anniversary celebration of The Breeders Last Splash is now over. Or who knows, is it? We’ve heard rumblings, ramblings, and seen the pictures of Kim and Josephine playing together but, that’s not why we’re here. … Read more

The New Old-Fashioned: Ladies [7-Inch Feature]

The New Old-Fashioned “Ladies” b/w “Indie Movie Scenes” Toxic Beauty Records [2014] Featured a few months back in one of our monthly Bandcamp Features, Dayton, Ohio’s The New Old-Fashioned are a five-piece Folk Rock/Alt-Country band fronted by songwriter/guitarist David Payne. The band’s sound recalls classic acts like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Neil Young, and … Read more

Eyelids: Segulls Into Submission [7-Inch Feature]

Eyelids “Segulls Into Submission” b/w “I Can’t Be Told” Off Records [2014] This 7-inch is the first taste of some new Eyelids material. The group has quite a collective history of creating music for some of the most legendary indie songwriters ever. Not only were these longtime Portland, Oregon collaborators the principal instrumentalists for Robert … Read more

Neighborhood Brats: Total Dementia [7-Inch Feature]

Neighborhood Brats “Total Dementia” + 3 Dirtnap Records [2014] How about a female-fronted Black Flag? Sounds interesting doesn’t it. Well, Los Angeles band Neighborhood Brats is working on filling that wish with their new four song 7-inch on Dirtnap Records. Led by front woman Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager, the Neighborhood Brats are joined … Read more

The Dead Weather: Open Up (That’s Enough) [7-Inch Feature]

The Dead Weather “Open Up (That’s Enough)” b/w “Rough Detective” Third Man Records [2013] This 7-inch is the first taste of new Dead Weather material. In a unique long-term strategy, they are the first of a series of two-song sets The Dead Weather will be releasing up until 2015, at which time the singles–plus numerous … Read more

Guided By Voices: Save The Company [7-Inch Feature]

Guided By Voices “Save The Company” b/w “Second Chance” Guided By Voices Inc. [2014] Anybody ready for Guided By Voices latest full length Motivational Jumpsuit? Well you should be as this first single from the record is sure to get your GBV blood pumping. The other good news is that “Save The Company” is the … Read more

Local Natives: Palms [7-Inch Feature]

Local Natives “Palms” b/w “Wooly Mammoth” Turntable Kitchen [2013] We have featured Turntable Kitchen in this section before as the site offers a unique experience that combines a limited 7-inch with a special ingredient and delicious recipes to make a complete package. The very first edition (TK01) featured one of our favorite bands, Motel Beds, … Read more

Guided By Voices Tribute 7″ [7-Inch Feature]

Various Artists Guided By Voices Tribute Salinas Records [2013] I don’t know whose idea it was to do a Guided By Voices covers 7-inch but I am game. Especially when the four groups on this split are all what I consider to be up and comers in the indie world. With Screaming Females, Swearin’, Upset … Read more

Robert Pollard: Tonight’s The Rodeo [7-Inch Feature]

Robert Pollard “Tonight’s The Rodeo” b/w “Astral City Slicker” Guided By Voices Inc. [2013] Guess what? Robert is back! That is right – before this year ends, December 10th to be exact, Bob Pollard’s new solo record, Blazing Gentlemen, will give everyone all something to rock out to during the Holiday season. “Tonight’s The Rodeo” … Read more