Tobin Sprout: Just One Kid (Takes On The World) [7-Inch Review]

album1001001 Tobin Sprout
“Just One Kid (Takes on the World)”
Petrified Fish Records [2016]

Tobin Sprout’s new 7”, “Just One Kid (Takes on the World),” was released earlier this month. There are two different jackets to collect. One is a simple white design with a bee printed in the middle; the other is a 2-color silkscreen version that also comes with a 4-color silkscreened poster, signed by Tobin Sprout and limited to 200 copies. A nice bundle for those collectors of all things Toby. Both versions come with a digital download code. As of this writing, it appears that both versions are still available on Tobin’s website.

Tobin Sprout 7
Tobin’s tracks pick up right where the singer/songwriter left off on the last Guided by Voices album, Cool Planet. Side A has a straightforward rocker; “Just One Kid (Takes on the World).” It has all you need: a catchy chorus and some nice crunchy guitar. Side B, “When I Was a Boy” is a gem. Reflective and wistful. When Toby employs the piano in his songs, he has a knack for pulling at your heartstrings. I have been playing this one repeatedly. Just another wonderful track from one of the best singer/songwriters in rock.

If Sprout’s songs on Guided By Voices’ albums are highlights for you, then pick this up!

Tobin Sprout Website

-Review by Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

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