FUZZ: Sunderberry Dream [7-Inch Feature]

FUZZ “Sunderberry Dream” b/w “21st Century Schizoid Man” In The Red Records [2013] FUZZ’s debut (TFN Review) was a fall release that we were highly anticipating for some time. FUZZ features the crazy productive Ty Segall on vocals and drums. This of course is rounded out by his heavy rock buddies Charlie Moothart (guitar/vocals) and … Read more

Kishi Bashi: Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It! [7-Inch Feature]

Kishi Bashi “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” b/w “Song For The Sold” Joyful Noise Recordings [2013] Kishi Bashi’s full length, 151a (TFN Review), was number 5 in our Top 50 last year so we always get excited when he releases new material. This 7-inch sees two brand new tracks on wax that give a … Read more

Arctic Monkeys: 2013 b/w Stop The World [7-Inch Feature]

Arctic Monkeys “2013” b/w “Stop The World” Domino Records [2013] This limited 7-inch from the Arctic Monkeys was included with the deluxe version of their new album AM (TFN Review). The record contains two B-sides and adds to the Arctic Monkeys wax catalog of releases. The A-side here is “2013” which has the same mid … Read more

Sleeping Bag / Mike Adams At His Honest Weight: Heavyweights Split [7-Inch Feature]

Sleeping Bag/Mike Adams At His Honest Weight Heavyweights Split 7-Inch Joyful Noise Recordings [2013] I have always liked the split 7-inch as it gives the small wax format even more purpose and typically there is a story behind the pairing. Here we have a Fire Note favorite Sleeping Bag teaming up with the more unknown … Read more

SKATERS: I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How) [7-Inch Feature]

SKATERS “I Wanna Dance” b/w “Armed” Warner Bros. Records [2013] Here is an interesting 7-inch from the New York City-based SKATERS that are on major record label Warner Bros. I only call it interesting because typically a buzz band like this does not often get a single pressed unless for special occasions. Regardless, I applaud … Read more

Port Isla: Sinking Ship [7-Inch Feature]

Port Isla “Sinking Ship” b/w “Adventures” & “Moment of Trouble” Turntable Kitchen [2013] Nothing like some great recipes with your special 7-inch vinyl right? You bet. It is even better when the music is as solid as Norwich, England’s four-piece indie folk band Port Isla. The group was featured in Turntable Kitchen’s monthly pairings a … Read more

The Seeds: Bad Part Of Town b/w Wish Me Up // Love In A Summer Basket b/w Did He Die [7-Inch Feature]

The Seeds “Bad Part Of Town” b/w “Wish Me Up”/”Love In A Summer Basket b/w “Did He Die” Sundazed Records [2013] Most psych and garage fans know The Seeds, especially their track “Pushin’ Too Hard,” which was featured on the seminal, Lenny Kaye-compiled Nuggets in the early 70s. What most casual fans of the band … Read more

Fuzz: This Time I Got A Reason [7-Inch Feature]

Fuzz “This Time I Got A Reason” b/w ” Fuzz’s Forth Dream ” Trouble In My Mind Records [2012] How in the hell does this kid have time to keep up with anything? Ty Segall—San Fran’s prodigal garage son—does it all: his various bands play surf music, punk, psychedelics, garage blues, sludgy string growlers, and … Read more

Cop City / Chill Pillars: Gift Shop [7-Inch Feature]

Cop City/Chill Pillars Gift Shop b/w Brand New Neighbor HoZac Records [2013] Cop City / Chill Pillars last record Hosed (2012), on Florida’s Dying, was a full length that challenged all pop music with its repetitive singing and tunnel indie rock sound that made you listen again. This new 7-inch on HoZac is another good … Read more

John Wesley Coleman: Whisper Mountain b/w Everything’s Gone Grey [7-Inch Feature]

John Wesley Coleman “Whisper Mountain” b/w “Everything’s Gone Grey” Spacecase Records [2013] Here is a nice little 7-inch that we discovered during our Austin travels. It is the new release from self-proclaimed trash poet, novelist and songwriter John Wesley Coleman. He is a member of Austin’s The Golden Boys but this solo outing finds him … Read more

Cian Nugent And The Cosmos: Hire Purchase [7-Inch Feature]

Cian Nugent And The Cosmos Hire Purchase 7″ Matador Records [2013] Cian Nugent is a guitar player and composer from Dublin, Ireland who has a multitude of influences. His music boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is smooth, playful and even eerie at times. Over the last several years Nugent has toured with … Read more

Superchunk: Void / Faith [7-Inch Feature]

Superchunk Void b/w Faith 7” Merge Records [2013] This 7-inch turned out to be one of the highlights of Record Store Day 2013. Two brand-new Superchunk songs inspired by Mac McCaughan’s favorite hardcore records, the punk split album on Dischord with the bands Faith and Void. McCaughan stated that “musically we aren’t like either of … Read more

Elliott Smith: Alternate Versions From Either/Or [7-Inch Feature]

Elliott Smith Alternate Versions From Either/Or 7” Kill Rock Stars [2013] This was a nice Record Store Day release for me as anything by Elliott Smith is an instant draw. The songs here have been available digitally before but now they get the premium treatment and have their very on vinyl home. The tracks here … Read more

Fuzz: Sleigh Ride b/w You Won’t See Me [7-Inch Feature]

Fuzz Sleigh Ride 7” In The Red Records [2013] Fuzz is a project consisting of San Francisco’s favorite son Ty Segall (The Traditional Fools, Ty Segall Band) on drums and vocals, Charles Moonheart (Ty Segall Band, Charlie and The Moonhearts, Culture Kids) on guitar and rounding things out there is ex-Moonheart Roland Cosio on bass. … Read more

Robert Pollard: Cock Blocking The Romantics [7-Inch Feature]

Robert Pollard Cock Blocking The Romantics Happy Jack Rock Records [2013] The Cock Blocking The Romantics Singles Collection features twelve 7-inch singles that originally were released independently from Robert Pollard as a monthly series back in 2007-2008. The A sides are songs from Robert Pollard’s 2007 simultaneous releases on Merge Records, Standard Gargoyle Decisions and … Read more

Guided By Voices: Noble Insect [7-Inch Feature] / Stream “See You Soon”

Guided By Voices Noble Insect 7” Guided By Voices Inc. [2013] “Noble Insect” is the fifth and final single from Guided By Voices forthcoming full length English Little League which is due out on April 30th. The 7-inch A-side, “Noble Insect”, is an addicting little hum along number that will have you chiming in “Japan, … Read more

Guided By Voices: Xeno Pariah [7-Inch Feature] / Stream Little Jimmy The Giant

Guided By Voices Xeno Pariah 7” Guided By Voices Inc. [2013] “Xeno Pariah” is the fourth single from Guided By Voices forthcoming full length English Little League which is due out on April 30th. The 7-inch A-side is track number one on Little League so fans will start to get eager for the full length … Read more

Natural Dreamers: Sir G b/w Just No Probs [7-Inch Feature]

Natural Dreamers Sir G 7” Joyful Noise Recordings [2013] Natural Dreamers is a project featuring Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof, Cryptacize, The Curtains, etc.), John Dieterich (Deerhoof, SWAPS, Gorge Trio, etc.) and Jay Pellicci (Dilute, 31 Knots, etc.). On this limited 7-inch release you get to hear two very distinct tracks from the band that feels and … Read more

Man Or Astro-man?: Analog Series Vol. 2 [7-Inch Feature]

Man Or Astro-man? Analog Series Vol. 2 Chunklet Industries [2012] Man or Astro-Man? return with their second installment of new material in their Analog Audio Series. Two of the three tracks here will appear on their upcoming full length due out this summer. The A-Side here gives you “Communication Breakdown Pt II” that starts things … Read more