Benjamin Gibbard: Bandwagonesque [Album Review]

Benjamin Gibbard Bandwagonesque Turntable Kitchen [2017] If you could only bring along one indie power pop record from the nineties to a desert island there is a good chance a good number of people would pick Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque (1991). Now, take that record and let a guy like Death Cab For Cutie’s Benjamin Gibbard … Read more

Local Natives: Palms [7-Inch Feature]

Local Natives “Palms” b/w “Wooly Mammoth” Turntable Kitchen [2013] We have featured Turntable Kitchen in this section before as the site offers a unique experience that combines a limited 7-inch with a special ingredient and delicious recipes to make a complete package. The very first edition (TK01) featured one of our favorite bands, Motel Beds, … Read more

The Fire Note Weekly Top 10: Vinyl Gift Guide 2013

Do you have someone that has joined the vinyl revolution – or wants to? Well this week’s Top 10 is for you as it is a simple gift guide to help steer your wax needs this Christmas season. Honestly, I could go on and on but here are 10 vinyl related items that would look … Read more

Port Isla: Sinking Ship [7-Inch Feature]

Port Isla “Sinking Ship” b/w “Adventures” & “Moment of Trouble” Turntable Kitchen [2013] Nothing like some great recipes with your special 7-inch vinyl right? You bet. It is even better when the music is as solid as Norwich, England’s four-piece indie folk band Port Isla. The group was featured in Turntable Kitchen’s monthly pairings a … Read more

Mikal Cronin: “Get Along (Acoustic)” [7-Inch Feature]

Mikal Cronin “Get Along (Acoustic)” Turntable Kitchen [2012] Mikal Cronin is mostly known for his work with current indie darling Ty Segall and his solid self-titled record which was released last year. This new seven inch offers up three acoustic tracks from Cronin with the help of Ty Segall for the Violitionist Sessions. All three … Read more

Turtle Giant: Gold Tooth b/w All Light [7-Inch Feature]

Turtle Giant Gold Tooth b/w All Light (Live Session) Turntable Kitchen [2012] How many bands do you know that are based in Macau, China? Well I can now give you one – the trio Turtle Giant. The band is our featured 7-inch courtesy of the always great Turntable Kitchen. The A side track, “Gold Tooth” … Read more