Sufjan Stevens: Javelin [Album Review]

Sufjan StevensJavelinAsthmatic Kitty Records [2023] Rare is the artist who does their best work when they are on top of the world, when all is going well, and they are happy and fulfilled. Sufjan Stevens has explored a wide and disparate subject matter, from the folky Psalm-like spirituality of Seven Swans, the unique geographic and … Read more

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine: A Beginner’s Mind [Album Review]

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De AugustineA Beginner’s MindAsthmatic Kitty Records [2021] Just as Sufjan Stevens turned to video game culture to inspire the music of his triumphant 2020 release, The Ascension, often echoing the genre’s use of electronic sounds and fast beats, here in collaboration with Angelo de Augustine, they turn to a variety of … Read more

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine: A Beginner’s Mind (Ocean Blue Wax | Limited Copies)

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine will release a collaborative album, A Beginner’s Mind, September 24 on Asthmatic Kitty Records. Two songs from the album, “Reach Out” and “Olympus,” debut today along with a video for “Reach Out” shot earlier this year by Sufjan and Angelo on VHS-C cameras from their respective coasts, New York … Read more

Sufjan Stevens: The Ascension [Album Review]

Sufjan Stevens The AscensionAsthmatic Kitty Records [2020] By now, fans of Sufjan Stevens have learned to approach each new project with an open mind. On his most successful effort to date, 2005’s Illinois, Stevens revealed the breadth of his musical interests, from indie folk to pop/rock all the way to showtunes with full orchestrations, and … Read more

Sufjan Stevens: Ascension (Clear Wax | Limited)

The Ascension, the eighth solo studio album from singer, songwriter and composer Sufjan Stevens—and the long awaited follow-up to Carrie & Lowell—is set for release September 25 on Asthmatic Kitty Records. New single, “America,” and in turn The Ascension, is an indictment of a world crumbling around us—and a roadmap out of here. Sufjan says … Read more

Sufjan Stevens: No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross [7-Inch Review]

It has been five years since Sufjan Stevens released The Age of Adz (2010), so it is no surprise that there is some hype for his latest full length, Carrie & Lowell, which is due out next week via Asthmatic Kitty. The album is a return to Stevens’ earlier sounding work, which was more intimate … Read more

Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell [Album Review]

Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell Asthmatic Kitty Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Sufjan not only creates his most personal record to date but also one of his best. Album Review: How many times do you really hear an artist return to a past sound? I would say not that many. So many times in reviews … Read more

Sufjan Stevens Illinois on Red & Green Vinyl / 1000 Copies Pressed

Pre-order the upcoming double LP reissue of Sufjan Stevens’ album Illinois on Red & Green Vinyl with a digital download included. This exclusive pressing from Newbury Comics and Asthmatic Kitty Records is limited to only 1000 pieces and will be released on December 10. You can pick up a copy HERE.

Denison Witmer: Denison Witmer [Album Review]

Denison Witmer Denison Witmer Asthmatic Kitty Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Denison Witmer blends past and present on his ninth LP. Album Review: Coming close on the heels of his last album, 2012’s stellar The Ones Who Wait, Denison Witmer’s new self-titled album feels like both a natural follow up and a conscious return to … Read more

Fol Chen: The False Alarms [Album Review]

Fol Chen The False Alarms Asthmatic Kitty Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The False Alarms has a detached coolness to it that sounds beamed in from another planet. Album Review: Fol Chen is a synth pop band, formerly cloaked in secrecy, but now with the addition of vocalist Sinosa Loa, the band has a face … Read more