Christopher Anthony

Connections – “Weapons” [Video]

A Connections video?! That is right – here is the new video for “Weapons” from the band’s Headphone Approved record Midnight Run.

What is not to love? Rock, paper, scissors wrestling, banana love, and wine drinking monsters taking a bath to just name a few video highlights!

Check out the video directed by Brandon Reichard and make sure you pick up a copy of the album from Anyway Records.

TUNS – “Mind Over Matter” [Video]

TUNS is power pop heaven from Canada as the group features Sloan’s Chris Murphy, Super Friendz’ Matt Murphy and the Inbreds’ Mike O’Neil. How you imagine it sounds is exactly how it sounds! The band just recently released their self-titled debut last month on Royal Mountain Records and “Mind Over Matter” is the first video from the record.

“Mind Over Matter” is a fun catchy song that now has an entertaining video to go with it. It also is a great reminder not to get into cars with strange scarred dudes!