The Gabbard Brothers: The Gabbard Brothers [Album Review]

The Gabbard Brothers
The Gabbard Brothers
Colemine/Karma Chief Records [2022]

If you have been around The Fire Note for any type of time, you are probably familiar with brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard. Not only did Andrew release an excellent solo record at the end of last year but the duo made up two thirds of the original Buffalo Killers lineup and are currently part of fellow Ohioans, The Black Keys touring band. Now releasing their debut record as The Gabbard Brothers, the two can only get so far away from the signature rock they built a musical resume on, but this self-titled effort hangs in a more 60’s and early 70’s roots rock state of mind. The Gabbard Brothers clearly have a very modern delivery but if groups like The Band, Pure Prairie League and The Flying Burrito Brothers were releasing radio jams today, The Gabbard Brothers could easily be next up on the playlist.

Along with solid songwriting, The Gabbard Brothers consistently harmonize on this album’s twelve tracks. This delivery is effortless and likeable while making the listener part of every song on the record. The grooving rock out on “Feel Better Love Better,” takes you up and down as it is hard not to sing along. The structure of the track spotlights a true strength of The Gabbard Brothers that never gets tiresome to listen to. Near the end of the album, “Gimmie Some Of That” rocks a bit harder and has the same soul driving blues tones of the Buffalo Killers that longtime fans of the brothers will immediately recognize. The track is a great nod to their past but it also gives this self-titled effort a nice balance in the sequencing. The Gabbard Brothers highlight here that no matter what the decade, their sincere organic harmonized roots rock is timeless!

“Hang On, Momma” / “Feel Better Love Better” / “Gimmie Some Of That”

Flying Burrito Brothers / The Jayhawks / Buffalo Springfield

Homemade (Andrew Gabbard) (2021) / Alive And Well In Ohio (Buffalo Killers) (2017) / Fluff (Andrew Gabbard) (2015) / Fireball Of Sulk (Buffalo Killers) (2014) / Heavy Reverie (Buffalo Killers) (2014) / Ohio Grass (Buffalo Killers) (2013)

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