The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2022

The music world has been slowly uncoiling from the pandemic which gave us another onslaught of great 2022 releases this year. This created another tough think tank around what albums would make The Blazing Top 50. There are plenty that we missed and one rule at TFN is that a review had to be posted … Read more

Young Guv: GUV IV [Album Review]

Young GuvGUV IVRun For Cover Records [2022] Ben Cook — a.k.a. Young Guv — completes his pandemic GUV series with the final installment IV. The New Mexico sessions that were recorded back in 2020 have already spawned three albums with IV showcasing the last of the quarantine tracks. The interesting thing about I-IV is how … Read more

Young Guv: GUV III [Album Review]

Young GuvGUV IIIRun For Cover Records [2022] In the spring of 2020, Ben Cook — a.k.a. Young Guv — was grounded in New Mexico due to the pandemic. Along with his bandmates, they quarantined and ended up staying for 9 months. The creative flow took place and the group produced not one but two records. … Read more

Young Guv: GUV I [Album Review]

Young Guv GUV I Run For Cover Records [2019] Who: Young Guv is the solo project of Ben Cook. Since 2008, he has released a solid number of singles and EPs, plus two full-lengths. Sound: Sweet perfect power pop that will have you thinking Teenage Fanclub, Fountains of Wayne and Superdrag all wrapped into one … Read more