Andrew Gabbard: Cedar City Sweetheart [Album Review]

Andrew GabbardCedar City SweetheartColemine/Karma Chief Records [2023] He’s finally gone and done it: Andrew Gabbard made a country album. For those who jumped on board with 2021’s Homemade, this might be a slight surprise. That album was full of hazy folk-rock and psych-pop gems that may have had some twang here or there, but were mostly … Read more

Fire Track: Andrew Gabbard – “Glum & Empty”

Andrew Gabbard has become a household name in the Ohio rock-n-roll scene. As a guitarist and vocalist for Cincinnati-based Thee Shams and the critically acclaimed Buffalo Killers, his songwriting chops have been proven time and time again. He currently serves as one half of the Gabbard Brothers, performs as a touring guitarist for The Black … Read more

The Gabbard Brothers: The Gabbard Brothers [Album Review]

The Gabbard BrothersThe Gabbard BrothersColemine/Karma Chief Records [2022] If you have been around The Fire Note for any type of time, you are probably familiar with brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard. Not only did Andrew release an excellent solo record at the end of last year but the duo made up two thirds of the … Read more

The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2021

2021 was great year in music! Solid release after solid release made this year’s list one of the hardest to put together in TFN’s 15 year history. 2021 brought us plenty of surprise entries, more psych rock, an excellent new London scene, modern soul, good old indie rock and simply something new and interesting for … Read more

Andrew Gabbard: Homemade [Album Review]

Andrew GabbardHomemadeKarma Chief/Colemine Records [2021] If you’ve paid any attention to the Dayton/Cincinnati music scene over the last two decades, you’ve probably encountered the music of Andrew Gabbard at some point. He’s played garage rock in Thee Shams, explored cosmic American psych with Buffalo Killers, and released several solo projects under various guises throughout the … Read more

Fire Track: Andrew Gabbard – “Getting High”

Andrew Gabbard’s (Gabbard Brothers, Buffalo Killers) new studio album Homemade drops December 3rd via Colemine Records imprint Karma Chief Records. A musician whose influences span hard rock, psych, garage rock, and energetic pop, Andrew Gabbard has long been a force on the Southwestern Ohio music scene. Working with Thee Shams, Buffalo Killers, and currently as … Read more

Andy Gabbard – “Juice” [Video]

Andy Gabbard is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Dayton, Ohio, who plays with Buffalo Killers, a band that he founded with his brother Zachary. He is also a former member of Thee Shams, a garage rock band that he joined when he was seventeen.

Andy’s solo work so far has been compared to Brian Wilson, Matthew Sweet, Superdrag and even Dinosaur Jr. His new sophomore album, Plenum Castle, is a departure from the his debut Fluff as he as it said to feature new sounds and styles, while showcasing his engaging songwriting.

The video for “Juice” is the first single from his forthcoming sophomore solo album which is out July 14th via Alive Naturalsound Records.

Andy Gabbard: Fluff [Album Review]

Andy Gabbard Fluff Alive Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Andy Gabbard comes at you with a 90’s rock guitar in his hand. Album Review: Have you ever sat in your room and just thought of making a record? I don’t even care if you can play an instrument, remember one lyric or even been close … Read more