Young Guv: GUV I [Album Review]

Young Guv
Run For Cover Records [2019]


Who: Young Guv is the solo project of Ben Cook. Since 2008, he has released a solid number of singles and EPs, plus two full-lengths.

Sound: Sweet perfect power pop that will have you thinking Teenage Fanclub, Fountains of Wayne and Superdrag all wrapped into one Young Guv package.

TFN Final Take: You can never keep a great power pop record down and Young Guv’s new GUV I hits all the right notes. With eight songs running a total of 23 minutes, Young Guv seriously gives you a memorable melody on each track.

From the opening of first song “Patterns Prevail,” Ben Cook comes out the door like an early 90’s era Teenage Fanclub that just hums and instantly feels familiar. On another highlight track, “High On My Mind,” the layered harmonies can’t be stopped while “Every Flower I See” has a Fountains of Wayne chemistry to it.

Young Guv is probably still an under the radar artist to most of our readers but Ben Cook has been on the scene for years and has worked with F’cked Up and No Warning so GUV I is not his first rodeo and it shows. The indie power pop here is timeless and we guarantee it is worth checking out and turning up. Plus, this record is only the first of a two-part LP series, so get ready for what is next because the first act is flawless!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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