The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2022

The music world has been slowly uncoiling from the pandemic which gave us another onslaught of great 2022 releases this year. This created another tough think tank around what albums would make The Blazing Top 50. There are plenty that we missed and one rule at TFN is that a review had to be posted … Read more

Fire Track: Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee – “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory” (Guided By Voices Cover)

Kevin Morby and Waxahatchee have teamed up and released a pair of covers in support of the Vote No Kansas PAC, whose mission is to prevent House Bill 2746 from passing if the “Value Them Both” amendment (HCR 5003) is passed. If passed, the amendment would allow the legislature to completely ban abortion. There is already a proposed ban (HB2746) … Read more

Kevin Morby: This Is A Photograph [Album Review]

Kevin MorbyThis Is A PhotographDead Oceans [2022] This Is A Photograph is singer/songwriter Kevin Morby’s 7th album which once again is a record that captures his look at life with intelligent lyrics, complex arrangements and his calm as can be vocals. Since his gospel-folk delivery on the fantastic Singing Saw (2016), Morby has tweaked his … Read more

Kevin Morby – “A Random Act Of Kindness” [Video]

Kevin Morby presents a new single/video, “A Random Act Of Kindness,” from his forthcoming album, This Is A Photograph, out May 13th on Dead Oceans. The signature hopefulness that has characterized all of Morby’s sonic journeys over his previous six albums remains throughout This Is A Photograph. On “A Random Act of Kindness” he ruminates … Read more

Fire Track: Hamilton Leithauser & Kevin Morby – “Virginia Beach”

Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser are kicking off their Fall Mixer North American tour later this week. Today, they present a collaborative track, “Virginia Beach,” which follows Morby’s A Night At The Little Los Angeles, a 4-track demo version of Sundowner out now via Dead Oceans, and Leithauser’s The Loves of Your Life, out now … Read more

Kevin Morby – “Wander” [Video]

Kevin Morby has released a new singles with “Wander” that has this accompanying video. The track is from his forthcoming album, Sundowner, which is out October 16th on Dead Oceans. Following lead single “Campfire,” “Wander” is a decidedly a more insistent song. Harmonica and scorching guitar complement the intensity of Morby’s voice. The video, directed by Graham Shafer, … Read more

Kevin Morby – “Campfire” [Video]

Kansas City, KS based musician Kevin Morby is pleased to announce his new album, Sundowner, out October 16th on Dead Oceans, and today presents its lead single/video, “Campfire.” Following 2019’s Oh My God, “a secular rock record consumed by religious imagery, a pop art exploration of deep anxiety, and his most interesting work yet” (The FADER), Sundowner is Morby’s “attempt to put … Read more

Kevin Morby: Sundowners (Coke Bottle Clear Wax | 300 Copies)

sun·down·er  /ˈsənˌdounər/ (noun) – One who feels increased melancholy during twilight hours. Kansas City, KS based musician Kevin Morby has announced his new album, Sundowner, out October 16th on Dead Oceans. The vinyl will be available in several variants but one of the most limited can be found HERE at Zia Records. Their exclusive is limited to 300 copies … Read more

Kevin Morby: Singing Saw [Album Review]

Kevin Morby Singing Saw Dead Oceans [2016] Fire Drill Album Review: From the surreal instrumentation to a voice that at times sounds like a young Dylan, Kevin Morby hits all the right notes on his third full length Singing Saw. You may question – how do I not know about this guy? Well you might … Read more