The Blazing Top 50 Albums Of 2022

The music world has been slowly uncoiling from the pandemic which gave us another onslaught of great 2022 releases this year. This created another tough think tank around what albums would make The Blazing Top 50. There are plenty that we missed and one rule at TFN is that a review had to be posted … Read more

Green/Blue: Paper Thin [Album Review]

Green/BluePaper ThinFeel It Records [2022] I like it when a band is on a creative streak and they just keep rolling the dice. Minneapolis’ Green/Blue have just done that with their fantastically new dark and pulsing third record, Paper Thin. This album is really a rush because it follows their killer second album, Offering, which … Read more

Green/Blue: Offering [Album Review]

Green/BlueOfferingHoZac Records [2022] The sophomore album from Minneapolis’ Green/Blue will instantly pull you into the band’s world with its tight as hell guitar play, fuzzy lo-fi vocals and foot pumping rhythmic drums. Offering feels and sounds urgent with each track having the potential to erupt given that its 10 tracks have a total runtime of … Read more