Dead Years: Night Thoughts [Album Review]

Dead YearsNight ThoughtsMy Ruin/Dirt Cult Records [2024] Album Overview: Night Thoughts is the sophomore album by Dead Years, a post-punk trio from Bielefeld, Germany. It follows their self-titled debut LP released in 2022 and presents a intense concept album exploring the theme of the night, its thought circles, and the quest for liberation. Released on … Read more

Needles//Pins: Needles//Pins [Album Review]

Needles//PinsNeedles//PinsDirt Cult Records [2021] There is so much music that was created during the pandemic year that it honestly has been hard to keep up with the volume. With the time of isolation, fear, and depression many artists have already released more intimate sets of music as everyone found a different way to collaborate and … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

TFN is excited to offer up another three artists to check out this week and we think we have quite the diverse trio. Out of Portland, you can get your full on punk out with Era Bleak, then from Montreal the fantastic vocals from Le Ren will carry you forward while the indie emo from … Read more

Chiller: Chiller [Album Review]

Chiller Chiller Rockstar/Dirt Cult Records [2018] Who: This is the debut record from Moncton, Canada punks Chiller. The band is a continuation of Feral Trash which released Trashfiction in 2014 on Dirt Cult Records. Chiller is Ilisha and Eric of Feral Trash with local friends Erin (Black Tower) and Tim (Mother’s Children). Sound: Fresh melodic … Read more

Needles//Pins: Good Night, Tomorrow [Album Review]

Needles//Pins Good Night, Tomorrow Mint/Dirt Cult Records [2017] Who: Vancouver power trio Needles//Pins began in 2009 and now have released their third LP with Good Night, Tomorrow. Sound: The band belts out gruff punk rock melodies that can send you back to the sound of The Buzzcocks, while hitting the sweet spot of 90’s punk … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Needles//Pins – “All The Same”

We first featured the Vancouver BC punk band, Needles//Pins back in 2014 in one of our Bandcamp pieces so TFN is excited to see the band return with a new record. Good Night, Tomorrow will be out June 30th via Mint Records in Canada and on one of our favorites, Dirt Cult Records here in … Read more

Turkish Techno: Number Two [Album Review]

Turkish Techno Number Two Dirt Cult Records [2016] Fire Drill Album Review: The pop-punk fan base has steadily declined over the years and I would even go as far to say that people that used to listen have simply dismissed the genre all together. With that said, there is plenty of good pop-punk out there … Read more

New Swears: Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever [Album Review]

New Swears Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever Dirt Cult Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: There’s no way that Ottawa’s number one party band can possibly top their last album, the audio equivalent of a kick-ass blaster that was Funny Isn’t Real, right? Wrong, they can top it, and in fact they not only topped it, … Read more

VVHILE: More [Album Review]

VVHILE More Dirt Cult Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: A shoegaze band from Serbia releases an album on one of the great American indie labels, Dirt Cult? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well it is true, and it’s totally worth tracking down. VVHILE is a duo consisting of Andrija Spicanovic and … Read more

Big Dick: Disappointment [Album Review]

Big Dick Disappointment Dirt Cult Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Their debut album was great…this is GREATER! Album Review: It’s no secret that Big Dick’s debut album was one of The Fire Note’s favorite albums of 2013, in fact, internally we have often dreamed that the Canadian duo would headline a mythical Fire Note Fest, … Read more

New Track from Big Dick / New Album out February 24

The Fire Note are big fans of Ottawa’s Big Dick and couldn’t be more excited for their second LP Disappointment out February 24th via Dirt Cult Records. Big Dick know post-punk and don’t mess around on their newly released track “Let Down.” It definitely sets the tone for what should be a rocking February. Check … Read more

Blank Pages: Blank Pages [Album Review]

Blank Pages Blank Pages Dirt Cult Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Catchy garage rock that is guaranteed to blow your hair back and make you raise a rock fist in the air! Album Review: This self-titled record from Germany’s Blank Pages reminds me of the time ol Marty McFly plugged the guitar into Doc Brown’s … Read more

Unwelcome Guests: Wavering [Album Review]

Unwelcome Guests Wavering Dirt Cult Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Buffalo’s Unwelcome Guests offer you an honest 30 minutes of rock on their new record, Wavering. Album Review: There are only two things you need to know about Unwelcome Guests. They hail from Buffalo and have released their new record, Wavering, on Dirt Cult Records. … Read more

Sweatshop Boys: The Great Depression [Album Review]

Sweatshop Boys The Great Depression Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Impressive punk-pop-rock debut from Israel band Sweatshop Boys. Album Review: About 11 days ago I sent an unofficial review of Sweatshop Boys debut album, The Great Depression, to our friends at Dirt Cult Records. This is what it said: “This record rocks!” Now … Read more

Sweatshop Boys – The Great Depression LP (250 White)

If you are looking for some new fueled up punk rock then make sure to check out the Sweatshop Boys. Their record, The Great Depression, is now on sale from Dirt Cult Records. It is a split label release between a bunch of international labels and Dirt Cult. That means that Dirt Cult only has … Read more

New Swears: Funny Isn’t Real [Album Review]

New Swears Funny Isn’t Real Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Ottawa’s New Swears throw a party and we’re all invited to come over and break some stuff. Album Review: Funny Isn’t Real, the new album from New Swears, has so much swagger it can barely be contained on wax. This Ottawa band is … Read more

Rumspringer: Stay Afloat [Album Review]

Rumspringer Stay Afloat Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Rumspringer drop a punk rock bombshell! Album Review: Dirt Cult is quickly becoming a can’t miss label for me, earlier this year they dropped the Big Dick record on me, and then a few months ago, the had the awesome Sundowners record, and now we … Read more

Sundowners: The Larger Half Of Wisdom [Album Review]

Sundowners The Larger Half Of Wisdom Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Sundowners throw down some old fashioned Minnesota punk! Album Review: It’s no big secret that some of the best punk and indie rock comes from Minnesota, heck it was practically born there with The Replacements and Hüsker Dü. The winters are long … Read more