…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: XI – Bleed Here Now [Album Review]

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Prog 2021: The Year In Review

It is with great sadness that we present this year’s Prog Year In Review. The world of progressive rock lost one of its leading lights when David Longdon of Big Big Train left us on November 20th at the ridiculously young age of 56. His voice and songwriting are a huge part of why we … Read more

Ross Jennings: A Shadow Of My Future Self [Album Review]

Ross JenningsA Shadow Of My Future SelfGraphite Records[2021] Ross Jennings is not a household name. Nor are either of his bands, Haken and Novena. But Haken are, in fact, one of the few true success stories to be found within the Prog genre (their video for “The Cockroach King” has garnered over two million views … Read more

Cyan: For King And Country [Album Review]

CyanFor King And CountryTiger Moth Records [2021] Back before Prog made a comeback, before Welsh keyboardist Rob Reed formed Magenta, he dreamed of being in a band like Yes or Genesis. He formed a band called Cyan. Still a teenager in the 80’s he and his school chums shopped a four song demo they had … Read more

Yes: The Quest [Album Review]

YesThe QuestInside Out Music [2021] Love them. Hate them. There are few bands that generate the kind of emotions from audiences that Yes can. They are, by turns, confounding and astounding – often at the same time. Throughout their 52 years as a band there have been numerous lineup changes, lawsuits, multiple bands calling themselves … Read more

NMB (The Neal Morse Band): Innocence & Danger [Album Review]

NMB (The Neal Morse Band)Innocence & DangerInside Out Music/Sony [2021] The Neal Morse Band may have had a descriptively inaccurate name all along but the label wanted the Morse name-recognition thing to help sales. With all five members actively writing and arranging (and four of the five singing lead) it was probably the right time … Read more

Cast: Vigesimus [Album Review]

CastVigesimusProgressive Promotions Records [2021] Sometimes a band just nails it right off the rip. Fully-formed debut albums are a rarity to be sure. So what to make of a band that records their masterpiece after 43 years and nineteen albums? Yes, Vigesimus is Latin for “twentieth” and after toiling in the relative silence of the … Read more

JPL: Sapiens – Chapitre 2/3 – Deus Ex Machina [Album Review]

JPLSapiens – Chapitre 2/3: Deus ex MachinaQuadrifonic Records [2021] Coming in hot after last year’s Album Of The Year designation, JPL has unleashed part two of his Sapiens space rock opera and it hits hard and fast. The pressure of repeating a classic album is nothing new to Jean-Pierre Louveton though. Back in 2006 his … Read more

Transatlantic: The Absolute Universe [Album Review]

TransatlanticThe Absolute UniverseInside Out Music [2021] For fans of Progressive Rock the name Transatlantic resonates like few others. They need no introduction to the faithful but to the rest of the world they better known by their day jobs: Neal Morse (ex-Spock’s Beard), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Pete Trewavas … Read more

The Flower Kings: Islands [Album Review]

The Flower KingsIslandsInside Out Music [2020] A global pandemic may not be the most pleasant of origin stories but the new double album from Sweden’s The Flower Kings argues that from great struggle often comes greater returns. At this point in his career Roine Stolt (the band’s leader, singer, songwriter, guitarist, etc.) has absolutely nothing … Read more

Neal Morse: Sola Gratia [Album Review]

Neal MorseSola GratiaInside Out Music [2020] If the idea of religion as subject matter for progressive rock seems a little ridiculous at first then I completely understand. I do. But in all actuality nothing could be better suited for the complexity and grandiosity of the genre. Certainly bands like Yes always had a spiritual quality … Read more