Upset: She’s Gone [Album Review]

Upset She’s Gone Don Giovanni Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Upset play pop-punk like it should be – tight and catchy! Album Review: Here is a record I sat on stupidly last year. It can be a little overwhelming at times around Fire Note headquarters as releases roll in and sometimes we miss one that … Read more

Jeffrey Novak: Lemon Kid [Album Review]

Jeffrey Novak Lemon Kid Trouble In Mind Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Lemon Kid puts a different twist on that familiar Garage Rock sound. Album Review: The music of Tennessee native, Jeffrey Novak, calls to mind another Tennessean, Jay Reatard. Novak doesn’t particularly sound like Reatard, but he does share a unique ability to pull … Read more

Bad Religion: Christmas Songs [Album Review]

Bad Religion Christmas Songs Epitaph Records [2013] Fire Note Says: We wish you a merry Bad Religion Christmas! Album Review: I am a sucker for Christmas albums. I mean how excited can you really be to hear another version of “Little Drummer Boy” right? Well, I always seem to muster up some spirit this time … Read more

Far-Out Fangtooth: Borrowed Time [Album Review]

Far-out Fangtooth Borrowed Time Siltbreeze Records[2013] Fire Note Says: Fires burn and cauldrons bubble as Far-out Fangtooth continue atmospheric amp worship on Borrowed Time. Album Review: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wander into the castle laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein? The Philly foursome known as Far-out Fangtooth try to provide the best answer … Read more

Maria Taylor: Something About Knowing [Album Review]

Maria Taylor Something About Knowing Saddle Creek Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Maria Taylor’s latest is light, carefree indie rock packaged in an effortlessly happy message. Album Review: Something About Knowing was the first time I’ve listened to Maria Taylor, although the artist has a long history. Her most recent release is her sixth solo … Read more

The Flaming Lips: Peace Sword EP [Album Review]

The Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP Warner Brothers Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Flaming Lips revisit planet earth with more conceptually-based space. Album Review: The Flaming Lips have always been an interesting force in music. Keeping watch over the alternative rock music scene since 1983—for better or worse—nothing seems to deter them. A now-canceled … Read more

Los Campesinos!: No Blues [Album Review]

Los Campesinos! No Blues Wichita / Turnstile Music [2013] Fire Note Says: Los Campesinos! find the right balance between youthful energy and aging wisdom. Album Review: Sometimes familiarity in music is a good thing. Sure I always like to see progression in artists over multiple albums and years but sometimes changing the formula can also … Read more

Widowspeak: The Swamps EP [Album Review]

Widowspeak The Swamps EP Captured Tracks [2013] Fire Note Says: The Swamps EP from Widowspeak primes you for their next LP. Album Review: We heard from Widowspeak back in January this year with the group’s sophomore record Almanac (TFN Review). That album saw the group pair down to a duo and for me, although minimal, … Read more

Bottomless Pit: Shade Perennial [Album Review]

Bottomless Pit Shade Perennial Comedy Minus One [2013] Fire Note Says: Bottomless Pit soldiers on with third slow-burn Shade Perennial. Album Review: When I read the phrase emotional, transcendent post-punk, I immediately become excited. Let’s say it’s an excitement that could only be described as a 12-year wait for the next Dismemberment Plan album—and sadly … Read more

White Denim: Corsicana Lemonade [Album Review]

White Denim Corsicana Lemonade Downtown Music [2013] Fire Note Says: White Denim pours a tall cool glass of their blend of classic guitar rock. Album Review: White Denim, the Austin TX four piece, comes blasting out of the gate on their new album Corsicana Lemonade. These guys are all over the map when it comes … Read more

Radioactivity: Radioactivity [Album Review]

Radioactivity Radioactivity Dirtnap Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Jeff Burke of Marked Men returns to the States and releases debut from his new band Radioactivity! Album Review: Dirtnap Records recently released the new Mind Spiders LP (TFN Review) from ex-Marked Men Mark Ryan. Radioactivity is another ex-Marked Men project that not only involves Ryan but … Read more

Bardo Pond: Peace On Venus [Album Review]

Bardo Pond Peace On Venus Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Bardo Pond lays down the heavy droning lysergic riffs as they travel the spaceways. Album Review: One does not simply put on a Bardo Pond album and think, let’s review this thing. It doesn’t work that way. The long time psychedelic band from Philadelphia, … Read more

Circus Devils: My Mind Has Seen The White Trick / When Machines Attack [Album Review]

Circus Devils My Mind Has Seen The White Trick Happy Jack Rock Records [2013] Circus Devils When Machines Attack Happy Jack Rock Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Two Circus Devils records – two completely different releases! Album Review: It was just the other day that I was talking Robert Pollard projects and Circus Devils came … Read more

Los Lobos: Disconnected In New York City [Album Review]

Los Lobos Disconnected In New York City 429 Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Los Lobos celebrate 40 years with their excellent new live record. Album Review: What do you do on your band’s 40th anniversary, especially if on your 20th you released an exhaustive two-disc collection of your early triumphs that includes many of your … Read more

Minor Alps: Get There [Album Review]

Minor Alps Get There Barsuk Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Juliana Hatfied and Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) make Minor Alps a success. Album Review: I don’t think two indie voices out there right now could be more destined to join forces than Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Caws. The alt-rock veterans have tons of cred with … Read more