RVG: Brain Worms [Album Review]

RVGBrain WormsFire Records [2023] Melbourne post-punk quartet RVG’s third album, Brain Worms, is a bold and ambitious record that sees the band expanding their sound with the addition of synths while staying true to their roots. The album is once again filled with catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and Romy Vager’s sharp, insightful lyrics. RVG harkens … Read more

RVG – “Midnight Sun” [Video]

RVG – the Melbourne post-punk band of lyricist/frontwoman Romy Vager, guitarist Rueben Bloxham, drummer Marc Nolte, and bassist Isabele Wallace – shares the new single/video, “Midnight Sun,” from their new album, Brain Worms, out June 2nd on Fire Records. A hurtling rock song, “Midnight Sun” deals with matters of disbelief, and what it feels like … Read more

The Dream Syndicate: Ultraviolet Battle Hymns And True Confessions [Album Review]

The Dream SyndicateUltraviolet Battle Hymns And True ConfessionsFire Records [2022] In many ways, Steve Wynn and his reconstituted band, The Dream Syndicate, have spent the decade since the band reformed in 2012 trying to sort out who they were and how they wanted to sound in this new era, or as Wynn sings in the … Read more

The Dream Syndicate: What Can I Say? No Regrets… Out Of The Grey + Live, Demos & Outtakes [Album Review]

The Dream SyndicateWhat Can I Say? No Regrets… Out Of The Grey + Live, Demos & OuttakesFire Records [2022] Ask someone if they know the band Dream Syndicate, and if they were around back in the early 80’s you’ll likely hear something about the Steve Wynn fronted group with the female bass player, Kendra Smith, … Read more

The Bevis Frond: Little Eden [Album Review]

The Bevis FrondLittle EdenFire Records [2021] The Bevis Frond is an English rock band formed in 1986 in East London and has been the moniker used by Nick Saloman for the last 35 years. He has consistently released an indie neo-psychedelic alt-rock style that has always been driven from strong writing and purpose. His newest … Read more

Throwing Muses: Sun Racket [Album Review]

Throwing Muses Sun RacketFire Records [2020] When Kristen Hersh finds a certain metallic tonality on her electric guitar and settles into a steady driving groove with Throwing Muses’ rhythm section of bassist Bernard Georges and drummer David Narcizo, they tend to grind out a truly righteous noisy groove. And here on Sun Racket, the band’s … Read more

Tobin Sprout: Empty Horses [Album Review]

Tobin SproutEmpty HorsesFire Records [2020] Tobin Sprout will always be the member from Guided By Voices that consistently changed the pace of the albums and wrote many, what I would consider “softer” tracks for the band. These songs were dependable and steady while able to find a balance with Robert Pollard’s dominant songwriting. Fast-forward to … Read more

Throwing Muses – “Dark Blue” [Video]

Throwing Muses return and sing songs aquatic; toasting the dark blue of the water, the New Orleans bywater viewed from New England’s Bo Diddley bridge. The bridge collapsing, the water waiting – who’s saving us? Returning with their signature sound, the legendary Boston trio Throwing Muses, consisting of Kristin Hersh, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges, … Read more

Kristin Hersh: Possible Dust Clouds [Album Review]

Kristin Hersh Possible Dust Clouds Fire Records [2019] Album Review: Ever since her arrival on the scene in Throwing Muses, the band she shared with her step-sister Tanya Donelly in the early 80’s, Kristin Hersh has been steadily releasing music that speak to her unique musical vision. While Donelly, who went on to start the … Read more

Cardinal: Cardinal [Classic Album Revisit]

Cardinal Cardinal Flydaddy (Original) / Fire (Reissue) Released: 1994 Producer: Tony Lash Length: 30:32 (Reissue 57:01) Appearing as it did in the middle of the grunge era, Cardinal’s debut LP was definitely an anomaly. Instead of gritty guitars and gruff vocals, Cardinal is full of quieter sounds: acoustic guitars, strings, piano, even the occasional trumpet, … Read more

Wooden Wand: Farmer’s Corner [Album Review]

Wooden Wand Farmer’s Corner Fire Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Farmer’s Corner is a confident, cool, laid back trip down a long dusty road. Album Review: Farmer’s Corner, the new album from Wooden Wand has some pretty high expectations to live up to. Blood Oaths of the New Blues, Wooden Wand’s album from 2013, received … Read more

The Moles: Flashbacks And Dream Sequences – The Story Of The Moles [Album Review]

The Moles Flashbacks And Dream Sequences: The Story of The Moles Fire Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Amazing career retrospective from one of the great “lost” bands of the 90’s. Album Review: Are The Moles one of the great lost bands of the 90’s? Fire Records makes a strong argument for this with the release … Read more

Blank Realm: Grassed Inn [Album Review]

Blank Realm Grassed Inn Fire Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Blank Realm’s breezy second album Grassed Inn is warm and inviting. Album Review: The latest addition to the If-Not-For-The-Vocals All Stars is Blank Realm. The four-piece from Brisbane, Australia released their debut Go Easy last year. Their follow-up Grassed Inn is more disciplined and focused … Read more

Bardo Pond: Peace On Venus [Album Review]

Bardo Pond Peace On Venus Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Bardo Pond lays down the heavy droning lysergic riffs as they travel the spaceways. Album Review: One does not simply put on a Bardo Pond album and think, let’s review this thing. It doesn’t work that way. The long time psychedelic band from Philadelphia, … Read more

Track Premiere: Mathew Sawyer – “October All The Time”

The new album from artist Mathew Sawyer is called Sleep Dreamt A Brother and it’s out October 15 (tomorrow) in the U.S. via Fire Records. The premiere of single “October All The Time” is a perfect fit for this month as its fragile but elegant structure will ease you into the Fall season. It also … Read more

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Any Port In A Storm [Album Review]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Any Port In A Storm Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Songs of pain and isolation cleverly disguised in a jangle pop package. Album Review: The new record from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Any Port In A Storm, has come from out of nowhere to completely blow me away. Like some … Read more

Tom Morgan: Orange Syringe [Album Review]

Tom Morgan Orange Syringe Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Orange Syringe is a stark and beautiful record that is well worth checking out. Album Review: Let’s get one thing out of the way right now; no one is ever going to call Tom Morgan a great singer. His vocal range is limited and is … Read more

Guided By Voices: Flunky Minnows [7-Inch Feature] / Stream b-side “Jellypop Smiles”

Guided By Voices Flunky Minnows b/w Jellypop Smiles Guided By Voices Inc. [2013] Let the fun begin! “Flunky Minnows” is the first of (count them) five 7-inch singles from Guided By Voices that come to you from the forthcoming full length English Little League that is due out on April 30th. The 7-inch singles will … Read more

Pere Ubu: Lady From Shanghai [Album Review]

Pere Ubu Lady From Shanghai Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Pere Ubu takes you on a wild trip like only they can! Album Review: This is a strange, difficult record to review. With the return of Thomas’ other pre-Ubu band, Rocket From The Tombs to active duty, I suppose I had expected a new … Read more

Wooden Wand: Blood Oaths Of The New Blues [Album Review]

Wooden Wand Blood Oaths Of The New Blues Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Put on the headphones, turn out the lights, and enjoy the new Wooden Wand record! Album Review: I didn’t see this one coming at all. When I looked at the list of upcoming albums I thought, “I’ll give the new Wooden … Read more