Amen Lucy, Amen: Ashore For The End [Album Review]

Amen Lucy, Amen Ashore For The End Brave New Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Amen Lucy, Amen takes a refreshing approach to the folk genre. Album Review: Amen Lucy, Amen describe themselves as a “woozy-boozy cyclone” that sings “punk-inspired folk tunes.” The description fits their debut album Ashore for the End perfectly. The experimental arrangements … Read more

Jake Bugg: Shangri La [Album Review]

Jake Bugg Shangri La Island Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Jake Bugg’s sophomore album is a more refined production of the artist’s raw, gritty sound. Album Review: Jake Bugg’s sophomore album, Shangri La, quickly follows his successful self-titled debut. Despite the lack of time between the two albums, Shangri La introduces new sounds and themes, … Read more

The Fire Note Writer Edition Top Albums of 2013

The Fire Note wouldn’t be possible without the talented writers that have signed on here to share their educated thoughts and true enjoyment of music with our readers. Our year end Top 50 is coming later this week but clearly everyone has different tastes and ideas when naming the best album released in 2013. So … Read more

Maria Taylor: Something About Knowing [Album Review]

Maria Taylor Something About Knowing Saddle Creek Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Maria Taylor’s latest is light, carefree indie rock packaged in an effortlessly happy message. Album Review: Something About Knowing was the first time I’ve listened to Maria Taylor, although the artist has a long history. Her most recent release is her sixth solo … Read more

Cults: Static [Album Review]

Cults Static Columbia Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With their sophomore album, Cults put a pop/rock spin on their west-coast sound. Album Review: With their sophomore album, Cults put a pop/rock, electronic spin on their west coast sound. Most of the songs feature female vocalist Madeline Follin, while other tracks are accompanied by Brian Oblivion, … Read more

The Head And The Heart: Let’s Be Still [Album Review]

The Head And The Heart Let’s Be Still Sub Pop Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Head and the Heart’s sophomore release has a fresh sound ready for heavy rotation. Album Review: The Head and the Heart’s latest album, Let’s Be Still, is finally out, and it does not disappoint. The band’s sophomore release is … Read more

Mazzy Star: Seasons Of Your Day [Album Review]

Mazzy Star Seasons of Your Day Rhymes Of An Hour Records [2013] Fire Note Says: After a 17 year break, Mazzy Star stays true to their soft, folksy sound with the release of Seasons of Your Day. Album Review: Some albums have a very seasonal feel, like Everything in Transit via Jack’s Mannequin (summer) or … Read more

The Fire Tapes: Phantoms [Album Review]

The Fire Tapes Phantoms Warhen Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Fire Tapes sophomore album, Phantoms, has electric solos and suspenseful indie rock. Album Review: The Fire Tapes sophomore album, Phantoms, is a good blend of ambient, suspenseful indie and upbeat, electric rock. The nine tracks use both female and male vocals, and most are … Read more

The Polyphonic Spree: Yes, It’s True [Album Review]

The Polyphonic Spree Yes, It’s True Kirtland Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Yes, It’s True is an indie pop rock album, borrowing influences from orchestra and jazz. Album Review: The Polyphonic Spree’s latest release, Yes, It’s True, is my first experience with the band, although they have been around for awhile. Under their name, they … Read more

Jesse Woods: Get Your Burdens Lifted [Album Review]

Jesse Woods Get Your Burdens Lifted Guns In The Sun Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Jesse Woods’s latest release is a rare combination of indie, folk, rock, country, and island. Album Review: Jesse Woods’s sophomore album, Get Your Burdens Lifted, is a rare combination of indie, folk, rock, country, and island music. Some songs are … Read more

Sara Jackson-Holman: Cardiology [Album Review]

Sara Jackson-Holman Cardiology Expunged Records [2012] Fire Note Says: Fans of quirky, soulful female artists will love Sara Jackson-Holman’s Cardiology. Album Review: With similar fun, quirky, and soulful tracks like that of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, and Fiona Apple, Sara Jackson-Holman’s sophomore album, Cardiology, provides a variety of beats and sounds. Each track has a different … Read more

Jake Bugg: Jake Bugg [Album Review]

Jake Bugg Jake Bugg Mercury Records [2013] Fire Note Says: At only 19, Jake Bugg electrifies the indie/rock scene with his self-titled, debut album. Album Review: It’s hard to believe Jake Bugg is only 19. His deep voice and timeless rock music are comparable to Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Johnny Cash. At 17, Jake … Read more

The Love Language: Ruby Red [Album Review]

The Love Language Ruby Red Merge Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Every song on The Love Language’s Ruby Red is good – making you want to listen to the album again and again. Album Review: Ruby Red is the first I’ve heard of indie/rock band The Love Language. After listening to the album’s first track, … Read more

Dennis Callaci & Simon Joyner: New Secrets [Album Reivew]

Dennis Callaci & Simon Joyner New Secrets Shrimper Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dennis Callaci & Simon Joyner’s second album blends high-quality lyrics with mixes of folk, rock, indie, and emo. Album Review: New Secrets is the first I’ve heard of Dennis Callaci and Simon Joyner. After the album’s first spin, I guessed the duo … Read more

Laura Stevenson: Wheel [Album Review]

Laura Stevenson Wheel Don Giovanni Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Laura Stevenson’s Wheel offers a variety of simple, organic Americana music. Album Review: Laura Stevenson gives the listener a lot with her third album, Wheel. It’s almost country, a little bit rock, and mostly Americana. With a league of instruments, lap steel, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, … Read more

Frank Turner: Tape Deck Heart [Album Review]

Frank Turner Tape Deck Heart Interscope Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Frank Turner’s most recent release is fresh, combining indie and British rock, punk, emo, and folk. Album Review: Those new to Frank Turner’s music might be surprised that his most recent release, Tape Deck Heart, is his fifth full-length album. The songs are indie … Read more

New Politics: A Bad Girl In Harlem [Album Review]

New Politics A Bad Girl In Harlem RCA Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With their sophomore album, New Politics breaks away from their gritty, indie roots, trading it in for a pop rock, punk sound. Album Review: A Bad Girl in Harlem, the sophomore album from New Politics, takes a short walk away from the … Read more

Alessi’s Ark: The Still Life [Album Review]

Alessi’s Ark The Still Life Bella Union Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With her third full-length album, Alessi’s Ark provides another round of young, indie/folk music. Album Review: The third full-length album from Alessi’s Ark, The Still Life, gives listeners another blend of her folk, indie, and mello sounds. At only 22, Alessi Laurent-Marke’s music … Read more

Kingsley Flood: Battles [Album Review]

Kingsley Flood Battles Self-Released [2013] Fire Note Says: With excellent writing, and a mix of indie, folk, and rock sounds, Kingsley Flood’s new album is never boring. Album Review: Although the band is from the states, and plays mostly to the genre of indie folk, Kingsley Flood’s new album, Battles, is at times reminiscent of … Read more

The Neighbourhood: I Love You. [Album Review]

The Neighbourhood I Love You. Columbia Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With I Love You., The Neighbourhood introduces an album that is many different things, but has something most alternative and indie rock listeners will enjoy. Album Review: Blending ambient, emo sound with upbeat, quirky pop, The Neighbourhood’s debut album, I Love You., presents the … Read more

Paramore: Paramore [Album Review]

Paramore Paramore Fueled By Ramen Records [2013] Fire Note Says: With new sounds, well-known rants, and heartfelt anthems, Paramore’s new album shows both growth and familiarity. Album Review: With their fourth studio album, Paramore is all grown up. Self-titled Paramore, the new album has less angst and more rock, but is not without the familiar … Read more

Kait Lawson: Until We Drown [Album Review]

Kait Lawson Until We Drown Madjack Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Planted firmly in southern roots, Kait Lawson’s debut album Until We Drown uses standout songwriting and mixed-genre sounds. Album Review: Rarely does a collection of songs capture the poetry of songwriting like Kait Lawson’s debut album, Until We Drown. The lyrics are unmatched, displaying … Read more

Lady Lazarus: All My Love In Half Light [Album Review]

Lady Lazarus All My Love In Half Light Self-Released [2013] Fire Note Says: All My Love in Half Light is a solid sophomore album warranting Lady Lazarus attention on the ambient folk scene. Album Review: Lady Lazarus is an old soul playing to a new genre of ambient folk. Named from the Sylvia Plath poem … Read more

Arlo Aldo: Zelie [Album Review]

Arlo Aldo Zelie Teamadelle Music [2013] Fire Note Says: Arlo Aldo arrives on the alternative folk music scene with their debut album, Zelie. Album Review: With their debut album Zelie, Arlo Aldo demonstrates a firm arrival onto the alternative folk music scene. The band is many different things, borrowing sounds from folk, blues, indie, country, … Read more

Wake Owl: Wild Country EP [Album Review]

Wake Owl Wild Country EP Vagrant Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Wake Owl’s EP Wild Country leaves an incredible first impression, making the listener want more. Album Review: Wake Owl’s EP, Wild Country, leaves an incredibly hopeful first impression. The band’s sound is mello and folksy, blending upbeat notes with country undertones. Wake Owl resonates … Read more