Connections: Cool Change [Album Review]

ConnectionsCool ChangeTrouble In Mind Records [2023] Connections have established a strong position on the indie music scene since 2013 with five full lengths and a handful of 7″s released over the span of six years. Now, five years has passed since their last release, Foreign Affairs (2018), and the band has made a glorious rock … Read more

The Tubs: Dead Meat [Album Review]

The TubsDead MeatTrouble In Mind Records [2023] London group The Tubs formed in 2018 after the dissolvement of UK post-punk band Joanna Gruesome by former members Owen ‘O’ Williams and George ‘GN’ Nicholls. Their debut, Dead Meat, finds the group leaving most of that early post-punk distortion behind and embracing a classic British folk guitar … Read more

Connections – “I Confess” [Video]

Columbus, OH band Connections has debuted their video for “I Confess”, the new single off the band’s upcoming album “Cool Change”, which is due out on March 10th, 2023 via Trouble In Mind Records. The video was produced by bassist Philip Kim, who says “I wanted this video to reflect the personal, intimate nature of a confession. Moments in … Read more

Fire Track: The Tubs – “Sniveller”

Dead Meat by The Tubs London-based Welsh band The Tubs announce their debut album, Dead Meat, out January 27th via Trouble in Mind, and present its lead single “Sniveller.” Owen “O” Williams and George “GN” Nicholls, the primary songwriters from the group Joanna Gruesome, formed the band in 2018 following a trip to Llawr-Betws caravan … Read more

Guardian Singles: Guardian Singles [Album Review]

Guardian SinglesGuardian SinglesTrouble In Mind Records [2021] Guardian Singles hail from Auckland, New Zealand, and their self-titled debut was sadly overlooked last year with its small local indie release from Moral Support Records. Well, thanks to Trouble In Mind Records their excellent post-punk mover has now received a world wide release. The band was actually … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

The TubsLondon, England The Tubs were formed in 2019 by Owen Williams and George Nicholls, formerly of Welsh band Joanna Gruesome. The two hunkered down in rural North Wales to expand on the fuzzy, hook-laden sounds they propagated in their former outfit, this time incorporating elements of post-punk, traditional British folk, and guitar jangle seasoned … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

Three bands releasing their third LP is what TFN is focused on today. Expect greatness? Absolutely. London’s Snapped Ankles is back with more post punk, Philadelphia’s Writhing Squares spirals out of control with their synth explosions while The Peacers are back from San Francisco with more psych pop that has a memorable groove. Snapped AnklesLondon, … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

It’s artist of the week time and it is also Bandcamp Friday so start reading and then start buying! Up first is a no brainer where New York and Tokyo meld minds from Ryley Walker and Kikagaku Moyo, followed by the post-punk of Glasgow’s Nightshift and then TFN leaves you with the punk rock of … Read more

David Nance – “My Love, The Dark And I” [Video]

Nebraska songwriter David Nance returns to Trouble In Mind with his fifth (proper) studio album Staunch Honey. This album finds Nance returning to the home-recorded magic of his early albums as Staunch Honey was recorded entirely to tape by Nance himself at his Omaha home with the occasional assistance from his longtime live bandmates Jim … Read more

Artists Of The Week: Discover, Support, Share

Another week – another three artists to check out! AOW brings to you the interesting experimental record from Victoria’s Freak Heat Waves, gritty and passionate rock n roll from Omaha’s David Nance and lastly an indie EP from Chuck Is A Band out of LA. Spend a few minutes and give these three a try … Read more

Possible Humans: Everybody Split [Album Review]

Possible Humans Everybody Split Trouble In Mind Records [2019] Who: Everybody Split is the debut album from Melbourne, Australia quintet Possible Humans which has been building a following since forming in 2012. Sound: Modern indie post-punk that has some comparison sounds to early R.E.M., The Clean, and Arcade Fire. TFN Final Take: Many fans of … Read more

Sunwatchers: Illegal Moves [Album Review]

Sunwatchers Illegal Moves Trouble In Mind Records [2019] Who: Sunwatchers hail from New York and present to us their third full length, Illegal Moves. This is their second for Trouble In Mind. Their first self-titled album was released on the Fire Note favorite Castle Face Records. Sound: Sunwatchers aim to create music, the likes of … Read more

The Shifters – “Straight Lines” [Video]

After two 7-inch singles and a demo cassette (recently pressed to wax), Melbourne quintet The Shifters finally unveil their first, proper full-length album Have a Cunning Plan. The album showcases ten new tracks by the band at their best; scrappy, self-destructive, stumbling and brilliant pop music that seems tossed off or nonchalant on the surface but is rife with rewards upon further listening.

Check out the video for “Straight Lines” and you can find the album for pre-order at Trouble In Mind Records HERE.

The Friday Fire Track: RAYS – “Yesterday’s Faces”

Oakland’s RAYS are back! The follow up to their self-titled debut will be out November 2nd via Trouble In Mind and is titled You Can Get There From Here. Today’s Friday Fire Track, “Yesterday’s Faces,” is from the new album and showcases the band’s newer direction of a more refined and melodic pop that is … Read more

Connections: Foreign Affairs [Album Review]

Connections Foreign Affairs Trouble In Mind Records [2018] Who: Foreign Affairs is the fifth album, and first for Trouble In Mind, from the Columbus Ohio band Connections that features former members of 84 Nash (Rockathon Records). Sound: Lo-fi indie pop that mixes the sound of early Guided By Voices with the raw rock of The … Read more

Olden Yolk: Olden Yolk [Album Review]

Olden Yolk Olden Yolk Trouble In Mind Records [2018] Who: The New York-based group is led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler (of Quilt) and Caity Shaffer. This is the band’s self-titled debut. Sound: Olden Yolk have the psych folk heart of the late 60’s early 70’s that now feels like a contemporary indie … Read more

Sunwatchers: II [Album Review]

Sunwatchers II Trouble In Mind Records [2018] Who: Sunwatchers are a New York-based ensemble (featuring current & former members of NYMPH, Dark Meat, Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band & Arthur Doyle’s New Quiet Screamers) that offer a combination of avant-jazz, punk, psychedelia, Ethio-jazz and desert blues. II is their sophomore record and the follow up … Read more

Salad Boys: This Is Glue [Album Review]

Salad Boys This Is Glue Trouble In Mind Records [2018] Who: Christchurch, New Zealand band Salad Boys return with their sophomore record This Is Glue. The album follows their well received 2015 debut Metalmania. Sound: This Is Glue has plenty of riffs and melodies that are slightly fuzzed up with that New Zealand sound like … Read more

RAYS: RAYS [Album Review]

RAYS RAYS Trouble In Mind Records [2017] Who: Oakland band is comprised of four Bay-area music veterans whose current & past musical projects include local bands-of-note like The World, Life Stinks, Violent Change, & Dadfag. Sound: RAYS have a Wire vibe to them with their urgent post-punk. Along with Wire, think Parquet Courts, The Modern … Read more

Ultimate Painting: Dusk [Album Review]

Ultimate Painting Dusk Trouble In Mind Records [2016] Fire Note Says: London duo take another leap forward on their third lp. Album Review: Jack Cooper and James Hoare, better known as Ultimate Painting, are back with their third album, Dusk, which is 10 tracks of some of the finest guitar pop you are going to … Read more

Negative Scanner: Negative Scanner [Album Review]

Negative Scanner Negative Scanner Trouble In Mind Records [2015] Fire Drill Album Review: Ahh -28 minutes of post-punk bliss is what you get here with the debut from Chicago’s Negative Scanner. Lead vocalist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores has a PJ Harvey meets Sleater-Kinney sound as her pulsing energy pushes and shoves you through the record without ever … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Negative Scanner – “Would You Rather”

You can hear the fierceness of Negative Scanner on today’s fire track in their new single “Would You Rather.” Lead vocalist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores has a PJ Harvey meets Sleater-Kinney sound as her pulsing energy drives this song and makes you want to hear more. Negative Scanner’s punk is for real and “Would You Rather” showcases … Read more

The Paperhead: Africa Avenue [Album Review]

The Paperhead Africa Avenue Trouble In Mind Records [2014] Fire Note Says: The Paperhead play the 60’s with a modern pulse. Album Review: If you have been around music long enough (yes I am calling myself old) then the statement “Sooner or later, everything old is new again” seems to ring true with every “fresh” … Read more

Jeffrey Novak: Lemon Kid [Album Review]

Jeffrey Novak Lemon Kid Trouble In Mind Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Lemon Kid puts a different twist on that familiar Garage Rock sound. Album Review: The music of Tennessee native, Jeffrey Novak, calls to mind another Tennessean, Jay Reatard. Novak doesn’t particularly sound like Reatard, but he does share a unique ability to pull … Read more