Circus Devils: Squeeze The Needle [Album Review]

Circus DevilsSqueeze The NeedleGBV Inc. [2023] The “comeback album” is a risky proposition. More often than not, once a band has gone on hiatus or broken up it’s hard to recapture the original chemistry. Expectations run high, usually too high for the final result to meet. There are some pretty good comeback albums, but the … Read more

Circus Devils – “Here We Are” [Video]

Formed in 2001, the psychedelic rock trio Circus Devils features vocalist Robert Pollard, backed by brothers Todd Tobias and Tim Tobias. In their first album in six years, and their 15th overall, Circus Devils is back with Squeeze The Needle (due October 27 via GBV Inc.); a funhouse romp full of rock and roll swagger … Read more

Circus Devils: Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up) [Album Review]

Circus Devils Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up): Best Of Circus Devils Happy Jack Rock Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Circus Devils are sent off in fine fashion with this career-spanning double-LP compilation Album Review: Circus Devils has never been for the casual Robert Pollard fan. The “band,” comprising Pollard and brothers Todd and … Read more

Circus Devils: Laughs Last [Album Review]

Circus Devils Laughs Last Happy Jock Rock Records [2017] Fire Note Says: Circus Devils bow out with grace after a 16-year run. Album Review: For sixteen years, Bob Pollard from Guided By Voices and the Tobias brothers have collaborated to form the Circus Devils. Laughs Last is their official final release as a band. The … Read more

Circus Devils Say Farewell with Pair of Releases in 2017: Tracklists Included

All good things must come to an end. The longest running Robert Pollard “side project,” Circus Devils, will see its last recording of new material released on February 24th, 2017. Not only will we hear their 14th and final LP but a compilation containing 30 tracks. Not so much of a greatest hits but a … Read more

Circus Devils: Stomping Grounds [Album Review]

Circus Devils Stomping Grounds Happy Jack Rock Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Stomping Grounds offers up a healthy serving of bizarro-rock mini masterpieces Album Review: Last year Robert Pollard and the Tobias brothers released Escape, an album that pulled off the usual Circus Devils trick of being completely different from the previous dozen or so … Read more

Circus Devils: Escape [Album Review]

Circus Devils Escape Happy Jack Rock Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Robert Pollard and the Tobias brothers shift into a calmer gear and create what might be the best Circus Devils album yet. Album Review: Circus Devils never make the same album twice. Whether it’s the claustrophobic horror-rock screeches of the debut, the twisted spaghetti … Read more

Circus Devils: My Mind Has Seen The White Trick / When Machines Attack [Album Review]

Circus Devils My Mind Has Seen The White Trick Happy Jack Rock Records [2013] Circus Devils When Machines Attack Happy Jack Rock Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Two Circus Devils records – two completely different releases! Album Review: It was just the other day that I was talking Robert Pollard projects and Circus Devils came … Read more

Pollard’s Circus Devils Release Two Albums – 700 Copies of Each

It has been another banner year for Robert Pollard and now the Circus Devils marks the second time in six months that two Pollard projects have released in one day. You heard that right – Todd Tobias and Bob Pollard have whipped up another cast of tales with not one but two records. My Mind … Read more