Acid Fast: Rabid Moon [Album Review]

Acid Fast Rabid Moon Protagonist Music/Stupid Bag Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Acid Fast conjure up images of a time long, long ago: the glorious post-hardcore nineties. Album Review: Some records hew just a little too close to their influences while others thread the needle by infusing enough personality to make all the rehashing bearable. … Read more

Drazy Hoops: This Is The Sound Of… [Album Review]

Drazy Hoops This Is The Sound Of… Slow Burn Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Drazy Hoops’ eighth album is genre-hopping, kaleidoscopic collection. Album Review: Musical diversity can be either a strength or a weakness, demonstrating an artist’s ability to adapt and experiment, or indicating a lack of direction. This Is The Sound Of… fits more … Read more

Pere Ubu: Lady From Shanghai [Album Review]

Pere Ubu Lady From Shanghai Fire Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Pere Ubu takes you on a wild trip like only they can! Album Review: This is a strange, difficult record to review. With the return of Thomas’ other pre-Ubu band, Rocket From The Tombs to active duty, I suppose I had expected a new … Read more

Nikki And The Corvettes: Nikki And The Corvettes (Vinyl Reissue) [Album review]

Nikki And The Corvettes Nikki And The Corvettes (Vinyl Reissue) BOMP! Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Nikki And The Corvettes released a rocking fun album back in 1980 – time to check it out! Album Review: Long before Bikini Kill, The Donnas and Sleater-Kinney there was a rowdy girl rock record released in 1980 by … Read more

Dropkick Murphys: Signed And Sealed In Blood [Album Review]

Dropkick Murphys Signed And Sealed In Blood Born & Bred Records/ADA [2013] Fire Note Says: Dropkick Murphys return with one of their biggest sounding and most engaging albums to date. Album Review: “The boys are back; the boys are back; and they are looking for trouble” is the first big anthem call out line from … Read more