Sweatshop Boys: The Great Depression [Album Review]

Sweatshop Boys The Great Depression Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Impressive punk-pop-rock debut from Israel band Sweatshop Boys. Album Review: About 11 days ago I sent an unofficial review of Sweatshop Boys debut album, The Great Depression, to our friends at Dirt Cult Records. This is what it said: “This record rocks!” Now … Read more

Sweatshop Boys – The Great Depression LP (250 White)

If you are looking for some new fueled up punk rock then make sure to check out the Sweatshop Boys. Their record, The Great Depression, is now on sale from Dirt Cult Records. It is a split label release between a bunch of international labels and Dirt Cult. That means that Dirt Cult only has … Read more