Hospital Ships: Destruction In Yr Soul [Album Review]

Hospital Ships Destruction In Yr Soul Graveface Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Hospital Ships third album aims for the back seats at an arena near you. Album Review: Call me a sentimentalist or an old fuddy-duddy, I don’t care. The thought of The Dismemberment Plan, Sebadoh and Superchunk all with albums on the horizon makes … Read more

Vacation: Candy Waves [Album Review]

Vacation Candy Waves Don Giovanni Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Vacation’s sophomore record takes you on a punk fueled trip! Album Review: Cincinnati’s Vacation comes at you with their style of loud rowdy rock on their sophomore record Candy Waves that immediately will get you going. The album has a raw flare and venom of … Read more

Beach Day: Trip Trap Attack [Album Review]

Beach Day Trip Trap Attack Kanine Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Beach Day’s debut sounds exactly as you would expect – only much better. Album Review: Hollywood, Florida is about the last place I would look if searching for a really cool indie band. Home to a mass a retirees and French-Canadian “snowbirds” (yes, your … Read more

Cloakroom: Infinity [Album Review]

Cloakroom Infinity Run For Cover Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Indiana’s Cloakroom plays it slow and steady on an impressive debut. Album Review: Having done a little bit of research before listening to Cloakroom’s debut EP/LP (it clocks in at around 29 minutes, so I’m not sure what this is!) I fully expected a pop-punk … Read more

Time Cat: Space And Time Cat EP [Album Review]

Time Cat Space And Time Cat EP Self-Released [2013] Fire Note Says: Akron’s Time Cat turns up the blues rock on their new EP. Album Review: I hate to scold a band, especially when it’s not all that deserved. After seeing this Akron blues duo perform live I had a lot of hopes for their … Read more

Heliotropes: A Constant Sea [Album Review]

Heliotropes A Constant Sea Manimal Vinyl [2013] Fire Note Says: All girl Brooklyn four piece drop a very satisfying sludge-filled, psych-pop debut. Album Review: Every day, it seems, there comes down the pike another new band brandishing remnants and half-remembered pieces of yesteryear’s sound. From 60’s girl group to 70’s stoner rock and 80’s new … Read more

Casey Black: Lay You In The Loam [Album Review]

Casey Black Lay You In The Loam CatBeach Music [2013] Fire Note Says: Casey Black crafts a deep album that tightens its grip with each listen. Album Review: Casey Black’s fourth LP Lay You In The Loam faced an uphill battle with me. Black has a baritone voice that is distinct and either one you … Read more

Spectrals: Sob Story [Album Review]

Spectrals Sob Story Slumberland Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Spectrals’ Sob Story successfully skirts sophomore slump! Album Review: Diversity is one of those prized musical qualities that many artists strive for; if you can pull it off, having a wide-ranging, eclectic sound is a major plus—it’s why we all love the Beatles so much. But … Read more

The Purrs: The Boy With Astronaut Eyes [Album Review]

The Purrs The Boy With Astronaut Eyes Fin Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Another rock n roll ride from Seattle’s Purrs. Album Review: Ten years going strong and still working on name recognition, Seattle’s The Purrs are one of the better bands that you still have not heard. The group has consistently released solid records … Read more

Rumspringer: Stay Afloat [Album Review]

Rumspringer Stay Afloat Dirt Cult Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Rumspringer drop a punk rock bombshell! Album Review: Dirt Cult is quickly becoming a can’t miss label for me, earlier this year they dropped the Big Dick record on me, and then a few months ago, the had the awesome Sundowners record, and now we … Read more

The Mantles: Long Enough To Leave [Album Review]

The Mantles Long Enough To Leave Slumberland Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Mantles wear their influences on their sleeves but don’t call this a revival. Album Review: The San Francisco garage scene is alive and well. Yes indeed. With The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, etc. there seems to … Read more

Sigur Rós: Kveikur [Album Review]

Sigur Rós Kveikur XL Recordings [2013] Fire Note Says: Sigur Rós get heavier and more visceral on Kveikur. Album Review: Sigur Rós have been busy since returning from their hiatus. In the span of about eighteen months, they’ve released a live album (Inni) as well as a studio album (Valtari), and after the departure of … Read more

Eddie Spaghetti: The Value Of Nothing [Album Review]

Eddie Spaghetti The Value Of Nothing Bloodshot Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The Value of Nothing is the perfect mix of punk attitude and outlaw spirit! Album Review: What do you get when you mix garage punk, rockabilly, and the hell raising side of country music? The answer is Eddie Spaghetti’s new album, The Value … Read more

Case Studies: This Is Another Life [Album Review]

Case Studies This Is Another Life Sacred Bones Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Case Studies tells it like it is on sophomore album This Is Another Life. Album Review: Case Studies is the current moniker for singer/songwriter Jesse Lortz who was previously one half of The Dutchess And The Duke. This Is Another Life is … Read more

Kanye West: Yeezus [Album Review]

Kanye West Yeezus Def Jam Recordings [2013] Fire Note Says: Kanye comes at you 90 mph with the impressive Yeezus. Album Review: Let me be the first to say that I am not a regular listener to Kanye West or rap music in general. You may stop reading now or you might just give this … Read more

Lemuria: The Distance Is So Big [Album Review]

Lemuria The Distance Is So Big Bridge Nine Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Lemuria are back with another engaging high energy indie rock record! Album Review: After 5 years I have started to sound like a broken record when reviewing Buffalo, NY group Lemuria but I will tell you that once again, with album number … Read more