Radio Moscow: Magical Dirt [Album Review]

Radio Moscow Magical Dirt Alive Naturalsound Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Radio Moscow sows seeds of psych while reaping funky blues riffs. Album Review: When I first heard Radio Moscow for the first time, their sound had no problem hooking me. During the very much appreciated live compilation record, Alive at the Deep Blues Fest, … Read more

Late Bloomer: Things Change [Album Review]

Late Bloomer Things Change Self Aware/Tor Johnson/Lunchbox Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Strong sophomore album from Charlotte , NC trio. Album Review: Let me tell you about a little trio out of Charlotte that I think you are going to like. Their name is Late Bloomer, but unlike their name, these guys have fully blossomed … Read more

Blank Pages: Blank Pages [Album Review]

Blank Pages Blank Pages Dirt Cult Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Catchy garage rock that is guaranteed to blow your hair back and make you raise a rock fist in the air! Album Review: This self-titled record from Germany’s Blank Pages reminds me of the time ol Marty McFly plugged the guitar into Doc Brown’s … Read more

Antemasque: Antemasque [Album Review]

Antemasque Antemasque Nadie Sound [2014] Fire Note Says: Mars Volta members renounce their prog pretensions and team up with Flea on their self-titled debut. Album Review: With as many lineup changes as the band went through over the course of their six-album run, combined with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s frenetic working pace (rivaling Robert Pollard in sheer … Read more

Eno & Hyde: Someday World / High Life [Album Review]

Eno & Hyde Someday World / High Life Warp Records [2014] Someday World: Fire Note Says: Someday World’s slick electro-pop contrasts nicely with High Life’s hypnotic, groove-heavy jams. Album Review: These days Brian Eno is probably most well-known as that guy who invented ambient music (even though there are certainly others who deserve such an … Read more

Beverly: Careers [Album Review]

Beverly Careers Kanine Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Promising debut album from Frankie Rose and Drew Citron. Album Review: Beverly is a duo consisting of Drew Citron and Frankie Rose. The pair spent the bulk of 2013 on the road together as Citron played In Frankie’s band. The roles are reversed on Careers, the first … Read more