Top 20 Guitar Riffs of 2013

The Fire Note never claims to know all about the mighty guitar riff but we’ve given a listen to plenty of albums this year. I’m even sure there are some riffs that happened to slip through the cracks but we did our best to efficiently scour the 2013 releases. Hours went into listening from Deafheaven … Read more

Red Fang: Whales And Leeches [Album Review]

Red Fang Whales And Leeches Relapse Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Red Fang’s third album fails to surprise nor does it completely disappoint either. Album Review: When I first heard “Prehistoric Dog” off Portland stoner-metal band Red Fang’s debut album I was more or less convinced that these guys were the future of metal – … Read more

Red Fang’s Whales and Leeches now up from Relapse Records

Pre-Orders for Red Fang’s ‘Whales and Leeches’ are now available via Relapse Mailorder! This release is coming in all differnt colors and bundle sizes depending on your need with the most limited in the 100 Blood and Cream Bad Daddy Pack. Pressing info and trailer below. Pre-Order HERE. Bad Daddy Pack is limited to 100 … Read more