Triptides: Alter Echoes [Album Review]

TriptidesAlter EchoesAlive Natural Sound Records [2021] The current streaming generation, for the most part, does not seem to really like listening to one album all the way through let alone develop artist loyalty. It is just the times I guess but there are plenty of past groups that would never have “made it” if they … Read more

Fire Track: Triptides – “Moonlight Reflection”

With a sound oscillating between psychedelic pop and space rock, Triptides’ new album Alter Echoes channels both The Byrds at their most hallucinogenic and Floyd at their most cosmically composed while creating something immediate and new. Triptides is led by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman, and with drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar and bassist/guitarist Stephen Burns. Triptides’ Alter Echoes … Read more

Lonesome Shack: Desert Dreams [Album Review]

Lonesome Shack Desert Dreams Alive Naturalsound Records [2019] Who: Lonesome Shack is a trio based out of Bellingham, WA. They now come to us by way of London in the UK. Sound: Dirty, Delta, foot stompin’ blues. TFN Final Take: We’ve had our ear on Lonesome Shack ever since they released their Alive Naturalsound debut, … Read more

Buffalo Killers: Alive And Well In Ohio [Album Review]

Buffalo Killers Alive And Well In Ohio Alive Naturalsound Records [2017] Who: Alive And Well In Ohio marks the eighth album from Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers. This album was recorded at their Howler Hills Farm analog studio and mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery (R. Ring, Ampline). Sound: Buffalo Killers offer up a laid back muscular … Read more

GospelbeacH: Another Summer Of Love [Album Review]

GospelbeacH Another Summer Of Love Alive Naturalsound Records [2017] Fire Note Says: GospelbeacH takes us back to that warm California sounds when jangly beach music met up with the Grateful Dead’s guitars and The Byrds’ vocal harmonies. Album Review: Shortly after the Beach Boys, the California sound was defined by the likes of The Byrds, … Read more

Andy Gabbard – “Juice” [Video]

Andy Gabbard is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Dayton, Ohio, who plays with Buffalo Killers, a band that he founded with his brother Zachary. He is also a former member of Thee Shams, a garage rock band that he joined when he was seventeen.

Andy’s solo work so far has been compared to Brian Wilson, Matthew Sweet, Superdrag and even Dinosaur Jr. His new sophomore album, Plenum Castle, is a departure from the his debut Fluff as he as it said to feature new sounds and styles, while showcasing his engaging songwriting.

The video for “Juice” is the first single from his forthcoming sophomore solo album which is out July 14th via Alive Naturalsound Records.

Heath Green And The Makeshifters: Heath Green And The Makeshifters [Album Review]

Heath Green And The Makeshifters Heath Green And The Makeshifters Alive Naturalsound Records [2017] Fire Note Says: The gritty, soulful delivery of Heath Green and his Makeshifters, deliver well crafted, blues rock performances so ecstatic that they transcend the form. Album Review: Heath Green is a veteran of the Birmingham, Alabama music scene, plying his … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Prima Donna – “Pretty Little Head”

Anyone need a little in your face snarling glam rock to get your Friday going? Well, San Fernando Valley’s Prima Donna will fill your head with a one-two punch of punk rock and glam jam on “Pretty Little Head.” The track has it all with busting out drums, large guitars, a sassy lead vocal and … Read more

Radio Moscow: Magical Dirt [Album Review]

Radio Moscow Magical Dirt Alive Naturalsound Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Radio Moscow sows seeds of psych while reaping funky blues riffs. Album Review: When I first heard Radio Moscow for the first time, their sound had no problem hooking me. During the very much appreciated live compilation record, Alive at the Deep Blues Fest, … Read more

Lonesome Shack: More Primitive [Album Review]

Lonesome Shack More Primitive Alive Naturalsound Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Lonesome Shack’s More Primitive hits that blues sweet spot. Album Review: When first hearing Lonesome Shack’s More Primitive it’s easy to be reminded of albums such as The Big Come Up, Keep On Your Mean Side, The White Stripes, Every Hour is a Dollar … Read more

Mount Carmel: Get Pure [Album Review]

Mount Carmel Get Pure Alive Naturalsound Records [2014] Fire Note Says: If you are starving for raw blues rock then Mount Carmel will satisfy your hunger. Album Review: Columbus Ohio’s Mount Carmel was once described as “the only non-bullshit hard rock band in goddamn America.” Those are high standards to live up to but for … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Mount Carmel – “Back On It”

Does grinding blues rock n’ roll from Columbus, Ohio sound like a treat? Did you say yes? Then make sure to hear Mount Carmel’s “Back On It,” as the track is as timeless as the nearest classic record with its smoldering riff that becomes the song’s pulse. The track is both loose and complex but … Read more