Triptides: Alter Echoes [Album Review]

TriptidesAlter EchoesAlive Natural Sound Records [2021] The current streaming generation, for the most part, does not seem to really like listening to one album all the way through let alone develop artist loyalty. It is just the times I guess but there are plenty of past groups that would never have “made it” if they … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Andy Gabbard – “More”

You may not know the name but hopefully you are familiar with Andy Gabbard’s daytime band the Buffalo Killers. They didn’t just have one but two releases last year on Sun Pedal Recordings and have an entire catalog linked to Alive Natural Sound Records. That is the quick background music history on Andy as his … Read more

John The Conqueror: The Good Life [Album Review]

John The Conqueror The Good Life Alive Natural Sound Records [2014] Fire Note Says: John The Conqueror are back with another blues rocking good time! Album Review: Philadelphia’s John The Conqueror are back with another slice of blues rock soul on their sophomore album The Good Life. The title fits as this album has an … Read more

Dirty Streets: Blades Of Grass [Album Review]

Dirty Streets Blades Of Grass Alive Naturalsound Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Dirty Streets steep 60’s blues rock, touches of soul, and more contemporary influences on Blades of Grass. Album Review: The Alive Natural Sound catalogue was and is rife with great artists: The Black Keys; Buffalo Killers; Radio Moscow; Left Lane Cruiser; Swamp Dogg; … Read more

Buffalo Killers: Ohio Grass [Album Review]

Buffalo Killers Ohio Grass Alive Natural Sounds Records [2013] Fire Note Says: This 6 song Record Store Day release captures the essence of Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers. Album Review: The Buffalo Killers have been perfecting their warm classic rock sound over their last several albums which hit a high point on last summer’s fourth full length … Read more

Buffalo Killers go green! RSD release Ltd ‘Ohio Grass’ 12″ EP

The Buffalo Killers are joining Record Store Day with the release of Ohio Grass. This limited edition 12″ EP will pressed on herb green vinyl from Alive Natural Sound Records. You can check out the track listing below and several upcoming tour dates to check out the Buffalo Killers live! OHIO GRASS TRACK LISTING: Side … Read more

Swamp Dogg: Total Destruction To Your Mind / Rat On! [Album Review]

Swamp Dogg Total Destruction To Your Mind Rat On! Alive Natural Sound Records [2013] Fire Note Says: Swamp Dogg’s music finally gets the respect that it deserves. Album Review: Back in the late 60’s/early 70’s there was quite the musical renaissance that was taking place. Miles Davis’ jazz freak opus Bitches Brew took shape, Sly … Read more

Hollis Brown: Ride On The Train [Album Review]

Hollis Brown Ride On The Train Alive Natural Sound Records [2013] Fire Note Says: The sounds of the South straight from Queens, New York. Album Review: The opening title track on Hollis Brown’s new record will instantly give you a straight up southern flavor of rock n roll from the Queens, New York quartet. The … Read more

New Hollis Brown Album on Atomic Orange Vinyl / 200 Pressed

Taking queues from classic pop, rock’n’roll, and Americana, New York’s Hollis Brown combines raw rock sensibilities with sweet melodies and hearfelt lyrics to create a rich, warm sound that can fill any room. The combination of an urban upbringing and throwback musical influences of traditional blues contributed heavily to the band’s sound. The band’s new … Read more