Buffalo Killers: Alive And Well In Ohio [Album Review]

Buffalo Killers
Alive And Well In Ohio
Alive Naturalsound Records [2017]

Who: Alive And Well In Ohio marks the eighth album from Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers. This album was recorded at their Howler Hills Farm analog studio and mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery (R. Ring, Ampline).

Sound: Buffalo Killers offer up a laid back muscular psychedelic rock that can lay down a blues groove with the Black Keys, boogie southern style like The Black Crowes and harmonize with a strong Beatles influence.

TFN Final Take: Alive And Well In Ohio finds Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers taking back the controls and producing one of the most organic records in the bands growing catalog. After 2014’s Heavy Reverie featured some of the biggest guitar work and polished production the Buffalo Killers have ever released, it is nice to hear the band pull back and settle into a comfortable groove on Alive And Well In Ohio. The overall vibe of “jamming” runs throughout the record and its free spirit allows for plenty of natural melodies from the songwriting brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard.

From the 60s pop bounce of “Evil Thoughts,” that is complete with several “ba ba bas,” to the warm 70s Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young harmonizing Americana “Applehead Creek,” the Buffalo Killers cover a lot of territory. They have created plenty of tunes that will appeal right to their fan base and more than not, let tracks here evolve, simmer and expand. The progressions within the songs will keep listeners hooked as the psychedelic rock they are so good at consistently surfaces right to the closing “Black Halo.” Alive And Well In Ohio works because the Buffalo Killers continually tweak their sound here, even though its undertone is very familiar. It is a record to absorb, as it only gets better upon repeat listens, and its quality just highlights how the Buffalo Killers are still an “under the radar” band you should hear!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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