Fire Track: Flat Worms – “Suburban Swans”

Flat Worms new LP, Witness Marks, is coming out September 22, 2023 on Ty Segall’s Drag City imprint GOD?. “Suburban Swans”, is the bands second single from the record and it is a punchy, grinding post-punk track. Meditating on our perceptions of reality, free will and the lack of agency we have in how our … Read more

Flat Worms: Antarctica [Album Review]

Flat Worms AntarcticaGOD?/Drag City Records [2020] Who: Los Angeles-based Flat Worms clean up a tad for their latest LP. Sound: California fuzz-noise punks get special treatment from recording engineer Steve Albini, with mixed results. TFN Final Take: Part of my joy of listening to Flat Worms albums was the sharp post-punk songs rising to the … Read more

Flat Worms: Into The Iris [Album Review]

Flat Worms Into The Iris Drag City/GOD? Records [2019] Who: LA-based noise punk trio, Flat Worms are poised to take over the world, or at least what you are listening to. Sound: Into the Iris see the Flat Worms sharpen their hooks and keeping things lean with a very accessible and aggressive noise pop hybrid. … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: The Cairo Gang – “What Can You Do?”

You are well aware that TFN is consistently following Ty Segall, so we would not be doing our duty if we did not feature the new track by The Cairo Gang. Not familiar with the group? Well, The Cairo Gang is singer/songwriter/guitarist Emmett Kelly which is currently part of Segall’s Freedom Band. Kelly played on … Read more

Axis: Sova: Early Surf [Album Review]

Axis: Sova Early Surf God? Records [2015] Fire Note Says: Early Surf puts the depth and nuance at your control. Album Review: Wand’s Ganglion Reef was one of my favorite albums of last year—our favorite garage rock prodigy, Ty Segall, hand-picked the band’s album for release (with help from Drag City Records) on his God? … Read more

The Friday Fire Track: Axis: Sova – “Fractual Ancestry”

If you have seen Ty Segall lately you might have caught his opening act Axis: Sova. The band seems to fit in with the many sides of Ty as their thundering jams are sure to shake concert venue walls across the country. The featured track today, “Fractal Ancestry,” is from their forthcoming new record Early … Read more

Wand: Ganglion Reef [Album Review]

Wand Ganglion Reef GOD?/Drag City Records [2014] Fire Note Says: With one wave of Wand, originality and individuality immediately become apparent. Album Review: We live in a world where many artists try to reshape psychedelic music, and a lot of those who try fail. When trying to capturing lightning in a bottle for that crucial … Read more

Ty Segall’s GOD? Records Imprint / New Zath and Running Tracks

Did you know that Ty Segall had his own label imprint? How can this be possible you ask – too busy? That answer is no as Ty’s imprint GOD? Records can be found at Drag City Records. Currently GOD? has released records from David Novick, White Fence and Jack Name. Ty Segall is now releasing … Read more

Jack Name: Light Show [Album Review]

Jack Name Light Show GOD?/Drag City Records [2014] Fire Note Says: Jack Name creates a musical funhouse with Light Show. Album Review: In a time where anything goes, Jack Name aka John Webster Johns aka touring guitarist for White Fence aka Fictional Boys etc. etc.—you get the idea: unidentifiable and prolific. Described by White Fence … Read more